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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Social Networking sites

 Alternative Sources of news-modern Era
It's at this juncture with us and the sources of news lies in the SNS...Social Networking Sites. It has become the ultimate video streams source, instant breaking news, views and reviews,language exchange,music... The facade of journalism has gone digital and global. The hamlet has turn into a city, villages ensue metro because of online journalism.
As of face book to twitter, Habbo, hi5, Qzone, a virtual tour takes us to places where reporters could never reach...a shoulder to the cry on, a mouth to holler. An eye to view the panoramic world apart
Stumble upon to QQ, The word press, live journal; keep us updated.
LinkedIn, Orkut RSS feeds; blogger, My Space, Vkontakte, windows live spaces; offers articles, profiles and audio platforms.
You tube, U-stream TV; offers videos to views...This is Internet/online journalism a new visage and head.
Google+ has risen and challenge Face book and the rest of the SNS, time will tell of more to rise.
For sports journalism, fashion the new sources has made an impact that never was and will reach the skies in the new HD channels,on Television.
Traditional sources merges up the social networking sites to provide a platform for a well coordinated source of news. Caution! are they reliable,authentic and unbiased.Offer fairness,conscientious,Truth a cornerstone for journalism, a foundation.
SNS social networking sites, examples Facebook,Qzone,Badoo,Orkut,Bebo,Friendster,,mylife Netlog,Tagged,WAYN,Twitter,Stikcam,hi5,skyrock,lastfm,livemocha......
Stay Connected at SNS and keep vigil for a true source of news is where I belong-Journalism.