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Monday, 4 July 2011


A social networking site
 Contents of Google+(home,profile,photos,circles,spark,hangouts,huddle) A home of the brave, a profile for the aspiring, a spark for all to read share..its your interests, a circle for you and me,friends in college and parents. photos for posterity and hangouts that's a video chat when you are free….this is a virtual tour of Google+.
An alternative SNS to the addiction of the rest of the pack. An allay to the internet cloud of spending the whole night glued to other networking sites. It offer a pillow, it's simple and proffers privacy.

Still not open to everyone but with invitation only, I can't wait to climb on board and be a part of the safe landing runway where images can only be seen y those i want and my wall is secure.

Fully in charge with what you do is the ultimate dream for all.

When the door will be open lets climb on board.

Adding the place I once resided and the place i now live will bring those in my circle close and viewing the map brings home memories of the past .With the assimilation to Google services this is the ultimate destination to be. The design of the page is uncomplicated, gorgeous and has a warm welcome with cool colors

For a blogger it's an ideal set to link posts and amalgamates the entire venue and channels that I am within...That's my cloud in the internet.
The sky is….

Google+ oyee!!!-  by Joshua Boitt

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  1. The instant upload,the huddle,the parks.I am in for Google+i cant wait to jump in..leaving the other social networking sites...soon


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