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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Film and society

The paper analyses how film has impacted the society and shaped the way we view life and its impact to our cultures. Positively and negatively, it has shaped traditions in Asia, Africa and South America brought cultural disparity.
It has contributed significantly to the well being of the society economically and socially eroded the fabrics that once hold the society together. Modernity crawled in along with Western culture and made film a powerful medium of education......................full paper contact

Friday, 12 October 2012

Niqab , Burqa , Hijab

Is it tradition ,religion or Culture ? Come with me as i explore the veils and the dressing code ,trying to give a clear meaning to pent up questions in your mind!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Barack Obama or Mitt Romney

Obama or Romney?
The electorate will settle on the Denver Debate, American people have the say come the polling day.
I watched the debate with bathed breath, Obama is the President, Romney the Governor and Mr president got a punch, but focused. Obama looked tired troubled nevertheless, the oval office has a lot to bestow for four years battling the recession, War in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Arab spring the Syrian crisis, unemployment this must have taken toll to the man who has, in his leadership brought change from Washington to West Bengal, from New York to Nairobi, Alabama to Aurangabad .A message of hope. He has worked so hard than any other president in recent history .He is a man to deliver America from the troubles and tribulations.
Obama was not relaxed as Romney but that’s what it takes to make a turbulent time in office when republicans votes down your proposal because of partisanship, when the other see the log in your eyes and shot down you plans, he unites and you divide. It is the change that begun in Washington that needs you and me to work for a better world, where education will be for all the poor and rich alike. Affordable healthcare for the poor and no exploitation from health insurance who reap where they have not sown..
He is a good orator, speech maniac but in the Denver debate ,Mitt Romney gave a punch and capitalized on what Obama said ,he bring into play and choose his word carefully but no specifics ion how he will deal with the proposed plans he intend to make in tax cuts and defense only generalization its 8 am here in India and I still have confidence in Barack Obama he can deliver he will make the world a safer place if Republicans and democrats work together a safer America,there would be  no hounding for the tyrants, dictators and the presidents who cling to power till they die in harness ,
Democracy has risen and the world is changing and has altered during the reign of Obama, nevertheless we still have a mile to travel for those with conflicting ideology.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Crush or love at first sight

Is it crush or crash?
Ever had a crush? She asked mmmh! yes.. tête-à-tête begun. The flowers are in bloom and the journey of love begins at a tender age, the young and old alike. Whomever loves hates, but as life develops hatred comes with pride love come with pride too and the love of everyone has a beginning, crush - we die and never say it but I got a style of saying it, in India, if a girl has a crush what she does, majority die with it,I went Underground in my journalism sting operation to get you answers and at the end of this article I will give you the feedback of what I got...
The youth are more affected, the definition of love is complex- a labyrinth, puppy love is viral it affects you and me and infects the society which fight tame the youth nevertheless, youth culture rules! it is global, its online, crossing boarders’ over the internet who will stop it
The definition of crush is ABC, all know but the meaning is acknowledged differently in every culture, creed.
Crush can be termed as calf love or infatuation but the end justifies the means- its love in your mind, love at first sight. You share it with friend, a mother and on the new social networking sites, i.e facebook you tell it all as a comment, a like is for a friend, a comment on a photo of the opposite sex is a crush, your keep on revisiting it and at the end you find no answer to it, just stick to your principles, the right person for you is coming!
   defines crush as temporary love of an adolescent, it goes on to give the other synonyms of crush-as puppy love, calf love or infatuation.
I have had a crush...oh! Crushes, I will mention the ones I had secret admiration to home and abroad, it all begun with the first crush in 1989, Maureen rule my mind a decade . Crush is a disease, then came the parent issue and I had to let it go..The second is Petronellah who later defined my crush coz I mentioned it and….,  ok I shall give you all 20+ names if you give your experience I promise to just give one name on my feedback ,the ball on your court
Ever had a crush? , give feedback to my mail, so that I can explore different crushes and reaction from around the world and compile a better article for you and views. In my next article. You will just type (Joshua Boitt Crush) on your google tab and see it, it will take you to my blog.
Is it a crush or love ask him/her ?

Thursday, 9 August 2012

David Rudisha

Reigning Rudisha -Sizzling, sensational, and soaring. David Rudisha romps abode with a world record. The 23 year old world reigning champion  of  800m makes history  by clocking 1:40;91 and breaking his own record.
Lekuta lights London.
First broken shell in track events at London 2012 Olympics and he walks out anew, he set a pace for himself and held his nerve from genesis until grandeur, ‘Kenyan Bullet’ he shines for Kilgoris town. He reigns supreme as his name Rudisha means Return in Swahili language.
A moment of glory, for Kenya. The greatest of all in London, where were the media? The achievement was remarkable  as little attention paid to him.
A bulllet, a beast and a baptist.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Foreign Correspondent

Also identified as foreign Reporter/ Stringer /Journalist.
He is a liberal journalist who enjoys his/her work and earns more than other journalism,he has freedom and travels more
  • He gives accounts of events reports from a foreign country to a TV station ,radio station or a newspaper, giving facts and what he/she has observed.
  • He/she has a lot of experience as a Special Correspondent
  • Most people living in a foreign country are employed as foreign correspondents
  • Most foreign correspondents are in world famous cities like London (Big Ben), Washington, New York (The Big Apple), Tokyo, Paris, Rome, among other capital cities of the world. As new across the globe are streamed to this cities nowadays because the impact of has immediate response from United Nations, United States of America and world leaders.
  • Foreign correspondents are also now situated in large cities like Rio de Janerio, Moscow, New Delhi, Beijing and Johannesburg. as the  new (BRICS) Countries, Brazil, Russia India, China and South Africa have emerged and are influencing the other global powers, so its  source for news for foreign correspondents.
  • Foreign correspondents follow prominent people especially news makers for example the president of the United States, United Nations secretary general The Queen of England.
Qualifications of foreign correspondent
  1. He should have an experience as a special correspondent 
  2. Courageous; can meet up and talk boldly to eminent people 
  3. Experience journalist; he should have experience in the field of journalism and know the heart beat and the pulse of the many nations and people. 
  4. Historian and encompass Geography knowledge; he should be able to know the countries of the world and well versed with places and people, climates the environment he is working under. 
  5. Half Detective; he should be an investigative reporter and also can be able to talk to down trodden and the highest class so as to get the story. 
  6. Half judge, half lawyer; He /she can know a good story from a formulate one and can be able to argue and drive a point home.
  7. Has the ability to do in-depth reporting 
  8. Above all he should be loyal to his people, the house he is reporting for and the entire humanity
Working of  a foreign correspondent
  • Like a special correspondent a foreign correspondent has to get accreditation so as to work in a foreign country without interference from the laws and authorities of that country.
  • She/he should join different foreign correspondent clubs anywhere he/she is abroad e.g. be a member of reporters without boarders’, working journalist member so as to cross over to territories and report from there with ease, and other prominent organizations that journalist are in so as to get privileges’  as like treated well and can travel with VIPs too.
  • When she/he arrives to a foreign country she/he is issued with a press card so as he can be recognized easily
  • She/he should learn the laws of the host country.
  • She/he should be able to learn different languages with easy thus he/she should be adept journalist; moreover he should learn the national language of the country he is reporting in.
  • He/she should b able to English fluently because it’s an international business language that is essential in every country.
  • He should be able to learn cultures and traditions of the host country so as to behave in a manner that will fit or suit and acceptable the place he is reporting from.
  • A foreign correspondent is given a visa that entitles him/her to travel to different countries and report with ease, thus keeping in touch with embassies abroad as well as his country.
  • He/she should be able to make friends with authorities.
  • While covering report, debates he should be an analyst who can give good judgmental feedback to get a story form sources abroad.
  • He or she gives facts as well his observation in the field as he/she reports.
Examples  foreign Correspondents
a) Christiane Amanpour
b) Wolf Blitzer
c) Richard Quest
d) Isha Sesay

a) Karishma Vaswani
b) Nidhi Dutt
c) Soutik Biswas
d) Bethany Bell

 Note;What is written above is not gospel truth but open to criticism and correction,for journalism students be a god judge and from the internet comments are free so as you take notes see the sources and pick what is fit to give to the society. 
written by Joshua Boitt ,from acquired knowledge in journalism class,being abroad,from Tv ...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Flower Behind a girl's letf or right ear

Romantic fairy tale that men ought to know when a girl prettify herself with  Gerberas flower behind her right ear  gives the impression of being  in search for a boyfriend or rather a lover .
The human heart beats 72 times a minute but in this case when the girl walks in town with a flower in her right ear probably it will beat more than that because she knows when a man glance at her and the flowers then that’s the moment .Luckily many youngsters or rather gentlemen and even girls are not familiar with the symbolism of the flower either. A mythical, affectionate license. Romantic island. Love has flowered
Romance since time immemorial, I can recall those days in Kenya when young girls would place flowers around there ponytails and it was breathtaking and in this age of alternate media the ever rising status of relationship marshal new meaning.
When a young woman adorns a flower on her left ear means she is taken or in relationship, that’s where her heart lies.
The romantic myth of flowers behind the ear is more common in Hawaii than in any other place but luckily I spotted some in India just 2011 and 2012.
The kind and colour of the flowers doesn't matter but the most common flowers are gerberas, hibiscus roses, lilies, plumeria.
A girl beautify herself with her favorite flower, but beauty lies in the beholders’ eye, attractiveness in the abstract cannot obstruct men I am watching you. Its beauty that shine forth and one befall the center of attraction.
Sunset beyond her eyes.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

George Saitoti

In this file photo : Second president of Kenya Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi 1978-2002 and late ex Vp  Prof George Saitoti in a pensive mood.
Prof Saitoti died in an helicopter crash June 10 2012 as Kenya's security minister,rest in peace.
Kenya's aviation industry on the radar once  more the same day same month June 10 2008 we lost  members of  Kenyan parliament Lorna Laboso and Kipkalya Kones.
Kipkalya which translates peace in Kipsigis language.
We have lost ministers and prominent politicians people at the prime age of their lives in two chopper crash .May your souls rest in peace as we foregather to investigate the cause of the crash.But one thing for sure aging Kenya's fleet ,or unmaintained choppers ,bogus procurement of police vehicles too..and many other things from the east..!!!! I will shout out in this mouth pieces just a draft of events..From India I wail.

Monday, 21 May 2012


Didier Drogba, the final ingredient to Chelsea’s delicacy. Thomas Muller thought they had the Champions league cup in amass, only to become conscious that he is a doubting Thomas a revisit to the old times. Drogba the Ivorian  trumps again and for those with qualms caught a glimpse the cup being lifted in Allianz Arena.
In Drogba’s own words, “I think today was written long time ago”
Oh! I wrote it long time ago in 2007 in the East African Standard newspaper that one day , our quest will come to fruition and through Barcelona’s road to finals we made it. The tears of Moscow wiped away, the swiftness of Peter Cech made way, to a dejected Bayern fans.
Pedro Pinto if CNN said, ‘final for the ages’ it’s a cup that takes decades to touch.
We planted flowers at Allianz arena and the blue flowers germinated from memories of freezing Moscow to breezing in Munich.
The cock of the walk, the team at the roof of the world. For the last ten years-tears, tension but finally tranquility and finally my reward as a Chelsea craze came not by wind but by fire. Didier Drogba baptized Bayern Munich in their backyard.
The ultimate victory for Roman Abramovic- Army shot at arms length, put out of your mind the beauty of the game and set out for victory, Chelsea played what they had to, tactical match.
Thank you Chelsea, veni vidi vici!!!!
Blue in blood ,blue forever -Joshua Boitt (India)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Manchester City

The blue moon rose, a time bomb, amid speculation of their down fall. Turbulence gives way to truculence, Manchester City nearly fell but not,Sergio Aguerro a legend forever, the Argentinean had Maradona in mind-now or never .My tears not in distress but sweet victory that will linger in my reminiscence pockets’. Manchester United was waiting for a committal but they witnessed a coronation they themselves were cremated. The raucous neighbors have become rockers of the City of Manchester; the throne is theirs, a team to reckon in the land (England)
 A red face Manchester United and what a revolve of events from the blue rimmed fantasy, the old names in the legend book of Manchester city will never be deleted a new gold leaf page for the 1968 boys…
What a blue castle in the sky to witness in a Chelsea shirt Asia, Abu Dhabi not far from here I can hear the desert drums its  triumph for -Sheikh Mansour –Army.As the Roman Abramovic Army –Chelsea bought success the blue is blazing once more
Goals galore, what a stunner.90+5=Manchester United entombment
 Being a Chelsea diehard ten years and still mounting strong, from the memories of rising and conquering the blue skies Chelsea is still the cock of the walk in English Premier League; those who doubt let them ask Barcelona from 2005.They have the coverage for you.
However, the subject matter is the silence of the guns and the Red devils buried alive in their hopes that Manchester City will plummet by the leg at Queens Park Rangers (QPR)
The final moments of their funeral rose out of the blue, the casket blown by 3 incredible minutes that never will, a sweet revenge for what the did to Chelsea in Luzhniki stadium 2008 in  Moscow
Emotions from the Etihad stadium to down town Aurangabad India, A stark reminder that October 23rd 2011 6:1 thrashing of Manchester United was the turning point of the English League, Oh! Simply stunning, simply mind-boggling, I just can’t find words.
That was a golden leaf for the 2011, what a reward for the last ten years I have been watching EPL, from South East Asia  I utter THANK YOU MANCINI,THANK YOU MANCITY.
From a Chelsea craze, a message to Manchester United, suicide to the wire what did you feel, for me I would have left the City of Manchester  never to look back!!
Veni Vidi Vici.-Joshua Boitt