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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Love is a flow not a force

You cannot force love, let it flow. Love is like lava, flows in molten state, stagnates in solid state.
Live today knowing that tomorrow never comes, overlook the past be behind you but do not capitalize on the past to built tomorrow, just hold on to today for the skies belong to us all. The rain falls on the willing and the wishing, the sun shines on the smiling and the sadist.
Affection is like a infertile land; it impinge on us when we are sad and makes us blissful when we are happy. Don’t let others be in command of your life, be in control thus affection will be your skies and not your abyss.
Love with one eye closed and the other wide open, so that you can see the mirror of love which is either nearer or far-off, either truthful or sham. Be a friend and don’t befriend, close a page of love if you have read it, open a chapter of love if you haven’t read. Ensure you understand the chapter and the page of someone’s life before you take a leap of faith in affection, companionship, love and ....the love escalator is endless, be wise though when you board it ,lovers might shine and be beautiful/handsome to yours eyes while on the other hand they have thorns which will make you sad and regretting, will prick you when in need .Ask the rose flower Don’t try love, if you are weak, it’s not a rough draft of life, it’s a den of depression.
Beauty is skin deep, not eye depth.
Affectionately, we should not hate without reason, neither be angry when your antenna picked hearsay or gossip, just place your eyes and ears, before you become a judge. Life is a journey we are just passengers who will alight someday somewhere? 
Human beings are born to love, life is hard-hitting and let’s not loathe but read the book of life, and rewrite the chapter of love for happiness is what we all ought to achieve, because if you hate you will be angry and that’s a momentary madness which devours your life, slowly affecting your personality eventually depresses you . Moreover, be a flower bright to the bee and shining to the butterfly. - Joshua Boitt
Love is not heartfelt, its mind mix + heart desire. It takes, time to construct love and takes seconds to demolish. Love is a tower of Babel.
 You cannot force love let it flow- Joshua Boitt