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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Kothanur, Bangalore Murder ; Ugandan Lady Murdered in India

The murder of Ugandan lady in, Kothanur Bangalore India comes in the wake of incidences that Africans face in India, the murder is a twist in the tail as investigation are underway, as a Kenyan students leader I urge the African ladies, women, students in India to take precautions in dealing with Indian men especially in cities, for such incidences are not new and have been reported many a times. The social networking sites is a social evil and dating sites have flourished with paid sex becoming the order of the day. I condemn the murdered of the Ugandan woman in Bangalore.  The circumstances unknown but according to the police reports and online media reports the murder is related to sexual favors with the exchange of money.
Africa my homeland what have we done to the world,
Dear African girls in India.
1.      Respect your bodies, by showing courtesy of dressing, they watch you and pass comments and don’t think they love, they want sex when they praise you.
2.      Don’t befriend a stranger a take them to your house the same day.
3.      Avoid taking alcohol with men at odd hours without your friends
4.      Ask for assistance from your embassies if you need money.
5.      Avoid social networking sites that might expose you as a potential sex object…and avoid video calls with strangers who might lure you with money.
6.      Dating sites is a death trap, use with caution
7.      Avoid night outs with total strangers.
8.      Be an online celebrity with class ceiling not with sexual comments that leads you to sin.
Remember there are men with money out there! Who have trapped our girls in sexual slavery and might spread diseases, while we deal with them, help us deal with those who might get our new African girls who just land here, advice our young sisters if you are an old timer abroad and stay safe, keep in touch with African student’s leaders from your respective countries.
More reports, as investigation continues on the murder, will publish interviews as African students gather more information from ground zero Bangalore!
Long live Africa around the world ,  Long live your studies to change the nations when you get back home.
Our girls need your advice , do it while you can , rectify their morals , as I travel while studying let a preach on the social media and get them out of the so called ,'sponsors' who give money for sex, who spread HIV , I cry inside me I am angry when I have to hunt down there men on Facebook and block them. Spread the word, throught India and beyond , 

comments from readers;all I put anonymous for privacy issues below :
"Sometimes we buy our death out of our lack of morals " anonymous
"What happened is so unfortunate and heartbreaking. However, let's not draw conclusion based on what is reported on the news .I believe only God and the two of them can say who first attacked the other. Also I believe (I may be wrong ) that the authority may give a side of the story to defend their own and their society . Our condolence to te family , all Ugandans and Africans."anonymous 
"I am ashamed to walk in front of Indians as an african girl " anonymous

More on the murder, The Hindu Newspaper, see the link below;