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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Kenya at Crossroads

The challenging of living state of affairs, a reminiscent of Kenya trying to be Switzerland, a mock to the abject poverty that citizens lives in. The flag bearing governors motorcade with constitutional crisis looming. Fat cows earn millions, cash cows pay tax, when will they reap a reward? The turntables tumble, no good music, lawmakers, senate and the governors at all out war. The only solution- tame them at the ballot and new constitution reduce the number of the three arms to be 250 in total.

The heavy burden of the constitution crunch into a huge chunk, positions created for vote-banks, policies that favor cronies and cronyism rules. The Governors cry foul, with no sense of direction, but smart ideas of global trips that rip taxpayers pockets they are fighting not for the people but for new SUVs, the luxury culture risen, even the blind bat can see.

Moreover, an aimless struggle for the common man and hopes the constitution can be changed , amended or even overhauled, its bulky and not fit for a 50 year old nation but let’s look where we erred,...created positions and no money. Being critical on the way things are run but remember the image is clear, and the cynics see the object in the mirror.

It is distressing and disturbing that our policies pointless, they enhance the problems rather than solving. Corruption, cronyism, tribalism are ripe in our institutions’, education system is partly to blame and the roster (media) doesn’t crow- a part of the predicament as seen in propaganda they disseminate and listen to the self-made elites and prank debates, shows and programmes. No plans, no agenda but a show-case of self-made tacticians of theory in the name of public meetings, a mere sham and the civil service invited in public meetings while the common men and women who toil hard are left out.

Vision 2030 a hoax and now camouflaged in a dream that yields no fruits but thorns, the short sighted policy makers live not in the present but in the past. They are theoretical policy makers who name storm universities and education backgrounds pick up degrees and bring up systems that stall economic growth.

May the burdens be loose, Kenyans live in peace and harmony, may their sweat be wiped away and their struggle be rewarded by good governance and policies that will embolden efforts help them discover and live in their dreams. In the words of Albert Einstein, ‘ one... cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it... you must learn to see the world anew.’ Long Live Kenya!



Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Kenya walks a tight rope, constitutional crisis.

A politician is like a lady bird that hatches eggs he has not laid...
Kenyan dreams dashed, hopes hacked,tribalism trumpeted.The road is rocky... 50+1 Years since independence our flag lifted high and flew at the summit of Mount Kenya and the apex of our dreams, we were free and now are we? the fangs of devolution spit venom, we are told what to do, not only when to travel but also what to put on our vehicles and what cost and we are 'forced' and the tears of joy wiped away.Fifty years with people still eating rats and dogs in the Northern parts of Kenya-(Turkana, Baringo and West Pokot) among other places,as the the Transport cabinet secretary avalanches a new 'digital number plate' and one customised which will cost Ksh 1 million, and the machine for making the number plates at a cost of 15 million shillings, this is a mock to the people who die of hunger. Digital a devil in the making, no humility, every ministry wants to show  a mile of development for which is 'insanity' if it doesn't address the needs of common women and men,it becomes a digital devil,a word used by the old guards thinking its is worth the taxpayers and makes a fuzz instead.Remember, a frog croaks in a pond and thinks it's an ocean of time,the rest joins chorus not knowing that the sea is far beyond its shores.You can fool Kenyans sometimes but not all the time.Kenyans are quiet but time to take that long journey to Canaan comes soon,and a referendum will soon be a discussion on the element of frustrating times in the face of the Nation. 
Every cabinet secretary in Kenya wants to be remembered for what they do, unfortunately, most of them have misplaced priorities, and are guided by greed.
The Daily Nation dated Tuesday, February 25, 2014 carries the story in the front page, no criticism in any Kenyan newspaper , are we asleep , is the ethical genre of journalism eroded by skewed ownership gatekeepers guns blaze, for such stories would not have seen the light of day.
The governors flaunt flags and call themselves EGH...Excellency in their twitter account, by having Kenya's national  flags in their vehicles governors have not only desecrated the flag but also counties casting contempt to national flag for which we are supposed to respect and only the President of the republic should use it. Devolution has disparaged national flag.Parlaiment has a scheme afoot to return the glory of Kenya's flag.
Senators and governors all out war and the parliament and the judiciary , so who's who in the devolution and is there a clear byline among the warring parties, a governor is impeached and then reinstated, who will explain to Kenyans the devolved road?They usher a divided path. Public resources misused,counties hatch cronyism, tribalism devours our counties,lack of expertise to use the funds for development,lack of systems in place for sustainable devolution,we are poised to development damnation. Kenya is on the bring of constitution crisis! Basic principles of operation cannot be solved, defense of the common man cannot be guaranteed.The bottom rock has been breached and the foundations of our founding fathers shaken, its time the president, deputy president and parliament, with the senate walks in and solve this dwindling devolution lest we wake up one morning back to Rome and the rule of the roost reigns.
"We are on the precipice of a crisis, a constitutional crisis.The checks and balances,which have been at the core of this republic,are about to be evaporated... the checks and balances that say if you get 51% of the vote, you don't get your way 100% of the time.Its amazing , its almost a temper tantrum"- Charles Schumer.
Long Live the Republic of Kenya and the people of Kenya.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Lectureship Positions

"Education is a seed that yield fruits of labour and hard-work in its appointed season" - Joshua Boitt.
The following lectureship positions/vacancies are available, Law Lecturers, Medical Officers, Librarians, Clinical Officers, Pharmaceutical Technologist, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Nursing Officer,Assistant Farm  Manager (Livestock)...
University of Kabarak website , Kenya official website for the advertised positions ... for 7th March 2014 Deadline.1 
Visit the University of Botswana website for lectureship positions with different  March 2014 deadlines.
Lecturer in  Physical Chemistry, Recreations and Leisure Management, Sports Psychology and Physical Education, Counseling and Human Services, Librarian and Information Studies, Tourism , Hospitality Management, Statistics...2

References/ webliography 
1. Notices and Events,
2. Job Opportunities,

Tamper Proof Number Plates , Untimely move.

A tussle between tradition and new technology, the rise of new gadgets sometimes is a stumbling block to cognitive progress and becomes and load to common.
The machine for manufacturing number plates procured at a cost of 15 million Kenyan Shillings from Germany that's absurd as the people of Turkana and Baringo sleep hungry and dine on rats, dogs and what they can get at their disposal.
It emerges that old 'analog' folks are travelling abroad and just picking on any technological trend they come across and include friends they make and come and impose rules and regulations to Kenyans who struggle to live ...heavily taxed, and no proper amenities supplied. Every new technology that Kenya adopts is a money making machine for the few tycoons who rip the unsuspecting Kenyans.
The 'specific' digital speed governors is untimely move too in the name of curbing road carnage , rather the progress of nation cannot be measured by acquiring new gadget at the expense of taxpayers money unless parliament passes them, its only a waste of money, when we cannot manufacture even mere machines, How on earth do live on theory rather than practicality of life.
The micro-chip on the number plates is another 'seat belt saga' seat on a seat and eat on a heat, unsuspecting media houses or journalist if not the skewed ownership patterns allow themselves to be used as a platform to announce the 'new trends' called digitization and they don't ask tough questions.Whether a barcode reader or a QR reader apps for police to use to track vehicles. There are other cheaper alternatives for this phenomena.
Instead of developing simple technology for instance cheap ways of having a smart card chip which will cost less that 1000 Kenyan shilling Its like a debit card, below is a sample Certificate of Registration...

Joshua Boitt..Copyright
which will have the number plate, the chassis number, color and year of manufacture and so forth.
One day they will be accountable to Kenyans when a new generation will rise up to challenge the onslaught from the Kenya Cabinet Secretaries who think they own the country just like the governors who think they own the counties and cronyism that devastate KENYA .Oh! God may the day come that the poor man will be free from them, and Kenya reaches its vision.
The fact that technology is here to stay is not a passport of cabinet secretaries to impose it when we have not reached the watershed of that river of hope. If they have to introduce it then let it be as the Asians do think the viability and availability and monetary wise, let your tech students in Kenyan universities learn it and develop it. Cabinet secretaries should instead invest the money at their disposal for the good of Kenyans in research and development. Any new digital device or tech transfer intended for the people of Kenya should be affordable at least to 50% of the population.
Let wisdom plus knowledge prevail.