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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tamper Proof Number Plates , Untimely move.

A tussle between tradition and new technology, the rise of new gadgets sometimes is a stumbling block to cognitive progress and becomes and load to common.
The machine for manufacturing number plates procured at a cost of 15 million Kenyan Shillings from Germany that's absurd as the people of Turkana and Baringo sleep hungry and dine on rats, dogs and what they can get at their disposal.
It emerges that old 'analog' folks are travelling abroad and just picking on any technological trend they come across and include friends they make and come and impose rules and regulations to Kenyans who struggle to live ...heavily taxed, and no proper amenities supplied. Every new technology that Kenya adopts is a money making machine for the few tycoons who rip the unsuspecting Kenyans.
The 'specific' digital speed governors is untimely move too in the name of curbing road carnage , rather the progress of nation cannot be measured by acquiring new gadget at the expense of taxpayers money unless parliament passes them, its only a waste of money, when we cannot manufacture even mere machines, How on earth do live on theory rather than practicality of life.
The micro-chip on the number plates is another 'seat belt saga' seat on a seat and eat on a heat, unsuspecting media houses or journalist if not the skewed ownership patterns allow themselves to be used as a platform to announce the 'new trends' called digitization and they don't ask tough questions.Whether a barcode reader or a QR reader apps for police to use to track vehicles. There are other cheaper alternatives for this phenomena.
Instead of developing simple technology for instance cheap ways of having a smart card chip which will cost less that 1000 Kenyan shilling Its like a debit card, below is a sample Certificate of Registration...

Joshua Boitt..Copyright
which will have the number plate, the chassis number, color and year of manufacture and so forth.
One day they will be accountable to Kenyans when a new generation will rise up to challenge the onslaught from the Kenya Cabinet Secretaries who think they own the country just like the governors who think they own the counties and cronyism that devastate KENYA .Oh! God may the day come that the poor man will be free from them, and Kenya reaches its vision.
The fact that technology is here to stay is not a passport of cabinet secretaries to impose it when we have not reached the watershed of that river of hope. If they have to introduce it then let it be as the Asians do think the viability and availability and monetary wise, let your tech students in Kenyan universities learn it and develop it. Cabinet secretaries should instead invest the money at their disposal for the good of Kenyans in research and development. Any new digital device or tech transfer intended for the people of Kenya should be affordable at least to 50% of the population.
Let wisdom plus knowledge prevail.