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Friday, 24 June 2011


A blog is  an individual diary,where we can preach to the world what we have in our  minds,we can update our daily struggles.
Its a form of new media,in that it has encompass creation of content,publishing and sharing of the same content with friends families,neighbors and the world.A platform for sharing texts,audios and videos.
Its a channel on its own, broadcasting arena.If you have the flair of writing open a blog and start sharing to the world what you have ,you career what you like whether adventure cooking food,cycling,..oh! all your hobbies can be updated daily.No more DIARY
Its a writers mind put in one place .
A political pulpit,where you can share you ideologies never stop thinking,governments crumble to dust as we learn that democracy is our freedom we deserve and let's inform an impart knowledge through blogs to all those who are not tech savvy.The blog is an awakening dulcet,its the last sunset and an eyeopener.
Minds of the world.
Its our wall,from the toilet writings to a wall in space no more writing on the walls scribble in your blog,you own it you control.Where we can write ,articles essays features and contemporary happenings in the society.
It contains a  network linked form coast to coast from port to port Africa to Asia.A true media,a roller-coaster of journalism visiting the traditional media inviting it into the modern media.
Its an expansion of our minds and the mental box for Intellectuals and common folks alike.
Its my journalism amok.
Its  sends  cold shivers  to White House let alone the Kremlin..Its has been shut and opened ..its is monitored and censored but shall live to awaken the masses...a silent predator in abyss,a shark in the deep a stealth bomber in the skies..long live a blogger to bring change just like the vegetable seller (Mohamed Bouazizi)who has shone in the Arab world change is for sure .A candle of Change.
A news source, a news breaker...collective news box.
A new form of journalism. be a blogger now!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Coaching classes

Coaching classes lacks learning etiquette. Some christen it tuition classes, classified as it blends but public in a sense that teachers from public schools and private coach here. Education system dwindling this is a cracked version of basic education hooded business its money matters 0.0
Coaching classes is a predator praying on the once traditional and contemporary smart system of learning a divergence to abyss. Branded teachers idle and teaches less on route to tap on the lucrative business by referring students to these coaching classes. Opening flood gates of education as a corporation rather an institution of learning.
Private tuition's encompass knowledge flea market bait that erodes the prestigious academic angle and dilutes knowledge. It is better to be an average student rather than a coaching class graduate
Its legitimacy needs research and lines drawn by the ministries of education.
Tapping money from naive parents in pretext of structuring a career the department of education has a scheme afoot to ameliorate this menace before we acquire a product of pass not excellence...
Who will do the fact finding mission to crack this cycle that erodes the academic world
If the department of education cannot initiate credibility then tauten schooling to fit UNESCO and universal standard’s but always keep vigil on quality.
Employers have a multitude of graduates but find incompetency extensive .this is coaching classes
The flowers of education are wilting, tides of career shifting lacking creativity, a way into a bright future- students have become victims of ambitions 
A first class honors’ and a third class mind without recognition
Coaching classes an institution without a center of gravity: by Joshua Boitt

Monday, 20 June 2011

10 beautiful,busiest,biggest

The world is an escalator some going up some coming down,where are you heading to? where is you nation headed to?
I took to the skies for the first time in September 2008 and each day there is a new  air passenger born,the future is here as as the world gears to launch the first transparent passenger aircraft in 40 years time, fly and twit with the swallows and dive with the eagles
The world offers pleasures but for a moment,the downturn of the economies comes at a cost as everyday we build big,we are busy and we want the most beautiful things.
Here are some of the 10 best performers as of the news from different places,with my blog readers and contributors from across the globe I will offer images of some of the places....


 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport,is the most busiest airport in the world  and most efficient till date,more will rise as Dubai and China braces itself for airport expansion the East rises each day.
O'Hare International Airport Chicago, follows suite
  Los Angeles International Airport..and United states rises above
Forthworth international airport...Shines with Dallas USA..CHINA 
Beijing Capital International Airport,China is coming watch out!
Tokyo International Airport,rising from the Earthquake,and nuclear disaster her they stand still
United  Kingdom
Heathrow stands out in the Euro zone and still the largest biggest.. The French. cannot be left out as the memories of its engineers who headed west years ago towers like Charles de Gaulle International airport 
Spain Barajas Airport..,
Frankfurt Hong Kong International Airport 
Dubai..where are others in the top 20....these are the creme de la creme

100% Cutoff points for Admission at SRCC

 India, The cutoff admission at Shri Ram College of Commerce [SRCC] in India is subjective not objective in the academe world.
 I write now or forever hold my writ, the origin of the depths of despair among students in India and developing nations, marks above the line, grading and marking system. I will sing from Maharashtra as I commute and study here. Long live the efforts of parents and students, whereas education system fails you! Failure in exams is not failure in Life; the teachers should hearten students, be average Oh! Students and life will prevail forth.
Just got astound, 100% cutoff point for admission into college, The Shri Ram College of Commerce must be for genius students' only. If not the case it's the systems' failure to deliver on the criterion of the marking system.
Delhi University has a scheme afoot to ameliorate on admission and cutoff. Not elimination impasse that colleges bring into play.
Where on earth? Developed or developing nation are students awarded 100%...This is unheard of...The system is flawed. Why should 'the intellectuals' who mark exams try to gratify parents and the nation? I am a product of the system , what's the message to Kenya and the world.... what if my employer  asks me why I never scored 100%.What will I articulate!!
Designed for crème de la crème students out of the ordinary for Shakespeare let alone Albert Einstein 100%!!! Awarded on the planet they are now. Honorary, why not? Errors, uncertainties ...don't mark the quantity mark the quality. As of the soul to the spirit, top Universities in India should lead by case in point and replenish the marking system, lest you forget brain drain, into the rain sweep forth talent 'excellence tape', foreign student alumni job market interview, International universities radar scan.
Its money market, education up for clutch to the rich -those with wooden spoons in their mouths out! Those with silver spoons in... A suicidal mission for ambitions, killing visions of students who toil and work hard from the states like Bihar, Karnataka, Orissa...Among others who cannot reach the cutoff, who will sing for them? I. Remember scientists are average students who never scored 100% and their products -inventions, innovations, research flourish..Someone has to say it strident...if my university lecturer awards me 100% thumbs down! There is a predicament SIR! I will pronounce. Except optional questions for an exam with answers  I sit or appear for...I won't be contented whether I write a marking scheme or not..I should score 99% not 100% there is always a minus one of excellence in academe world... I will be cheerful with 89.
For 'a fake pilot' 100% cutoff for admission OK!
It's not the students' inaccuracy to be awarded 100% rather academe structure taking students along with parents designed for a visual ride.
Transform the system at CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education.
The Principal of Sri Ram College of Commerce has opened up a can of education 'Geniuses' Mr. Master. Dr. Prof. professor.... I need neither the tags nor acronym to gratify my village. When the shepherd boy asks me Dr. Boitt 'why can't I see the person speaking on television live?'  100%..With no answers? "He studied at the window, while other were in class" he whispers .I miss my natives, meek n modest. My mother wont celebrate 100% once I fail to explain the difference between pink and purple .Cut off 100% for non commerce students, I have a message-' even the ancient founders of arithmetic: methods, texts, formulas; Pythagorean Theorem, the Moscow Mathematical papyrus, Babylonian mathematics never got the cutoff 100% and yet we use their methods, we are proud of them, geniuses' forever elites...this cutoff is irrational, for a job market!  Passable with incompetence, but for a scholar veto!
Academics are not commerce.
This is why schools give out adverts on television, print pop ups online; with a tag international school, parading students 2 by 2 passport photos, give me a break! We are ranked No1??? That's subjective. Media give them a bite or a story of excellence not adverts. This is objective. Its commitment to academic excellence, not award to admissions. As a Chinese proverb goes 'a bird does not sing because it has an answer .It sings because it has a song'
The system that institutes grading parameters has to amend the principles for the Principals, every ranking as per excellence of India's University Grand Commission (UGC) and internationally tested for education is universal.
Education is not a production line measured with marks, the brains will drain in the rain, HRD ministry and the state ministry or departments of education needs to step up the efforts, a system alike for the child in the palace  with LED  LCD 3D..driven and the one in a village with CRT TV, commuting to school, a meal a day equal opportunity in regard to conditions of classes,  class ,region, religion, race ,caste and gender.
As per my take academic angle is never above excellence it's below 97% what about you?
Thanks to the efforts of Indian students home and abroad who toil to study and reach academic heights, traveling abroad and making hay while the sun shines..Let excellence shine on you.
Let us not sing with the magpies in the comfort zone, let's dive with the swallows to find a solution.
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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Difference between Al Qaeda and Taliban

Al Qaeda and Taliban have the same root from the same region and the same ideology...Their origin Asia.
The founder of Al Qaeda is Osama Bin Laden and Taliban was founded by Mullah Omar

Christian Arabs

They live in the Middle East and across the Arab world.They are followers of Christ.They live with our brothers the Muslims.
I was touched by the heartfelt warm reception,that I got when I met a Kurd from Northern Iraq here in India-wonderful people,the perception I got before was different about Islam, but now I can say the are caring and loving.Few elements in the name of  Islam spoil their names,but majority are my people.
Who are these few? ...Taliban,Alqaeda,..I urge them to preach peace and prosperity and shun war..
Pray for those living in Northern Iraq with whom are persecuted because of their religion,pray for the Christians in Egypt with whom are  victims of their faith,pray for peace and may the world be of a religion of brotherhood and care..peace be upon each one of you you are a sister i am your brother we are on WE ARE ONE WORLD!

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Tea a slow poison,toxic chemical, we have made our morning breakfast,lest we forget its addictive.Come out of her my people,slow withdrawal,and the headaches,the urge will die down.We have made a habit of drugging ourselves everyday,"teacaholic" we dig our graves with a sip,keeping our minds intoxicated,slow death as we induce different brands into out bodies,it changes the normal working of our bodies and ,nicotine,caffeine -caves our stomachs,ignorance,aah!,we utter ..a sip and friends cup steams high.Less tension,for sleep,for concentration for pleasure as you say...its killing you,destined to sleepless nights,lack of concertration, dizziness and withdrawal syndrome without it
Digging our graves with out tongues,burying ourselves while closing our eyes with the morning tea sips...


Friends flag,Brazilian flag
Aurangabad Airport,one world,friends alike- Brazil, India, Japan,  and Kenya..united they stand

Planting seedlings Saroli Village,Maharashtra state, India

House Girl

Toil and work,a penny for all.
Sweat no more,rejection a selection
Cry no more redemption at dawn
You sleep with shrills,waken with crows,
Yonder astride life alike
Yorry aside,life at large
You eat remnant's after the carnivores,
The cat miaow's,the dog...barks
Made a maid wife in absentia
Loved by children ,mothers aside
Husbands prey, a wife to be
Yelled upon,life goes on
Never give up,head high
You are our heroes.