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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

'Team Scavengers' or 'Scavengers'

'Team Mafisi',  Sexually eulogized punchline word on online media platforms in East Africa.

‘Team Scavenger’, ‘Scavenger’ 'Sexual Scavengers' (SS), Sexual Online Scavenger (SOS) a new word thread by Joshua Boitt.

'Team Mafisi' a term used in Kenya to label the men who go hunting married women, it has broadly included women/girls and ladies who hunt for married men and engaged in sexual affairs. The term has a street origin with no acclamation and has been used widely in the social media as a joke while its erodes the values and the tenets of our own culture and tradition and dating by eulogizing a societal vice rather than a virtue.

The term ‘Team Mafisi’ translated ‘Team Hyenas’ reloaded the term ‘Team Scavengers’ or Scavengers I invent. 'Fisi' is a Swahili word for  hyena... 'mafisi' - hyenas in Swahili...devouring remnants thus the word take to fit men who does sexual scavenging.

The real scavengers are hyenas, vultures, stray dogs, racoons, coyote, which scavenge the wilderness the steppes, the prairies, the savannah grasslands for any dead Caracas or living carcass thus the term strappingly implies the means by which men who hunt off-line and online by befriending innocent girls for sex and sexual favours, it casually implies to women/girls who do look for men for financial favours, as sponsors, online daddies, online ‘crashes’ for sexual pleasures and favours and not real love thus they are few as per social strata and social imprint.


A man commits adultery and he is christened ‘fisi’ which is a Swahili language word for hyena. He predates on girls and thus move on too many other unsuspecting girls and thus the terminology ‘scavengers’ arise, no satisfaction with one but many. ‘A form of praised prostitution,’ which ravages the existence of love and affection.

Furthermore, I broaden the reach worldwide and create a word 'world scavengers' which means a man, a boy, a woman, a girl, of mature age who scavenges and commit affairs beyond her circle of opposite sex friends, boarder which has been propagated by online mediums via the internet.

World Scavenger doesn’t mind any culture or religion, boarders, it is a cross boarder mental disorder in finding pleasure in affairs and committing sex without attention but with intention, thus I find diminishing the normal working order of the mind in the sense of affection. I further call it Sexual Affection Disorder (SAD). Team Scavenger is broad term but narrowing it down I am criticizing calling ‘Scavenger’, in the recent phenomena of social media, men have been scavenging for girls and it gave the rise to online prostitution which has impacted on the lives of young girls who find comfort of sexual pleasures online. It has crossed boarders, bedrooms classrooms and has been converted to prostitution dens/booths as both some married men, women, boys and girls of different ages have been converted to victims of sex scavengers who promise love and affection in virtual world and give lusts and distractions. It is momentary madness, relationship which many at times fail. I brought up the word ‘scavengers’ to the narrative in Eastern African context of ‘team mafisi’ and the scavenger that represents the whole world- Sexual Foraging Syndrome (SFS)

Sexual Affection Disorder (SAD) is women sexual disorder fuelled by pleasures of this world, characterised by vanity, world material things, featured by girls, women, ladies who never or by Online Hysteria (OH) not satisfied by her male partner and goes to forage for other men. A vice which inhibiting the mind emanating from Sexual Syndrome disorder (SSD) of the 21st century group think mentality …doing what others do, without application of Social Sanity Sense. (SSS)

Scavenger Sexual Affection Disorder (SSAD). are male abnormal sexual fantasies of the 21st century affection emanating from the desire to become heroes of sex by falling for every woman who looks beautiful, characterized by sexual disorder of fulfilling lust of the body rather than mind, fuelled the disorderly worn dressing by women and fashion which eulogizes beauty sexually.

Extolling the term ‘team mafisi’ has spreading the online platforms while the social fabric is at stake, broken families, relationships and marriages, doubtfulness has been the outcomes of the impact of the term, it has spread across multi-plaforms online. I hope the moral compass of society will be shaped by the religious fraternity, parents who are now online, wise men of integrity in our nations state, men of common sense which is not common to all, the governments through social ministries, teachers who care about preserving online community through a message on the eulogized terms, you and I lets work on possible counter narrative towards relationship virtue.

In the scripture’s the book of Mark 8:36 in the New International version states,' " What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?"

You must counter the narrative of scavengers otherwise you daughter sister and mother might be a victim of all the scavenging men. The seeds of immorality sown in the social media.

Affection obsession is a disease of the millennium suffered by millennials rising because of the erosion of social ethics subjects by academicians and educational institutions around the world. The online media will devour love while the spread of HIV and AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases contest will never be won. Above all, the extramarital affairs and online prostitution blowout bigger that the because victims are innocent, and vulnerable in their bedroom backdrops which have become sex parlours, lest we forget the parlous of screen video capturing software’s will catch the netizens who knows not they are reel-to-reel with hidden cameras, smartphones recording videos.

Girls you are the victims of dirty sexual content posted online, watch out !

Joshua Boitt- Advice

  • Do not accept  video recording in affection mode without permission.

  •  Do not video call a stranger when he or she ask for, or receive a video call, for you might fall for ‘Sex Scavengers’ online harassment.

  • Do not commit to an affection without actual knowing the person on video or audio or Do not perform sexual acts online, you will become a victim of blackmail.

  • Do not chat and send you own body images to unknown and many people, you might find them posted on your social media wall. 

  • Do not accept loudspeakered phone call, discourage unless necessary, you audio might be bineg recorder on a secondary device.

  • Talk on issues on the social media that are valid and might not embarass you later!

The mainstream media have a scheme afoot to ameliorate and change the narrative spread seeds of true love and affection otherwise the society will be devoured by 'Scavengers'

I accept any criticism, addition, hail, editing of this article that befallen the short path of social road to nowhere but to the social circles of ‘scavengerland”

We are all victims of online media sexual foraging, where is the remedy ..its starts from you and me. Get a white t-shirt,or a box or a paper and scribble I am not a Sexual Scavenger and for eastAfricans , I am not a 'Team Mafisi' post on anyone who harasses you sexually online on their wall spread the word. Also you may post it on your wall.

For any queries.,,


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Tuesday, 20 June 2017


The fastest man on the planet if not earth then , in living memory. The fastest man alive, the fastest man in this century.


Usain Bolt, rose from the soil and walked a path that normal child will dream of treading but being the fastest on the planet is a dream that every athlete will dream of but not achieve. He is the greatest athlete ever to live in Olympic history and having hit a triple triple in three Olympics is a dream that only one man did and has done, the Jamaican humble boy has inspired many and made the dream bar higher that any living track and field knows it takes a century to dream of if not life time.

He bolts out in style in home soil in cheering crowd and reggae hometown, his signature style does cover all the ways of a true legend.

If the world was to run the bolt will walk. He bows out later this year and does leave a legacy that I am lucky to have watched and seen, I will cherish the memories and live to tell the tale.

Usain Bolt you have inspired many and please make a trip to Africa meet the dreamers of whom you have made smiles shine on their faces, welcome to Kenya and hope to see you alive before I also bow down in a cheering style.

The greatest of all times in the track events.


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

How to transfer photos from a laptop to an iphone

The ways to the first floor are many but apple has its stairs while other have the escalator, a step to learn makes a good way , a slide to rise , you will come back sliding.

1. The first step is to ensure you have downloaded itunes to your laptop and its up to date or updated,

2.If you see the window  'your itunes store session has expired, you have to log in your cloud password to continue...

2.  Open the itunes app/window and double click on the word photos on the left of your scree on the itunes widow.

3.  Click on the word sync on the lower bar of the itunes window

4. Wait for the photos to sync until it brings to you this window, 'iclouds Photos is on' 


Monday, 24 April 2017

Malaria Vaccination a medical minefield, African children a lab for world pharmaceuticals

Vaccination in Africa is a medical minefield .Potential depopulation agent if not a laboratory trial or you name it ,I was got a polio vaccine when I was thirty traveling to India on my second trip and since then I have had problems with vaccines , please give me a break , Africa is not a lab and why the rich children don't get vaccines, I have a question did any African president got compulsory polio before traveling to India in 2015 for Indo-African Summit ? since I got the drop in May 2014?.if your answer is yes and you have prove  then Let Ghana , Kenya and Malawi be a lab for malaria vaccine in 2018, I will start a petition to stop it till our own doctors approve it , till the children of the west get the same vaccine in our own backyard , let equality in the eyes of vaccination prevail or else Africa risks unknown path to its children ' Is it a conspiracy theory or a population reduction reality , I have begun a search for truth behind vaccination , God save Africa from world pharmaceutical peril  , please Kenyan president , Ghanaian and Malawi president don't accept vaccine before we verify its content and put it on the table of African union.
My open question..can the WHO ask India, Russia .. USA and China about jabbing its children with Malaria Vaccine ? Assuming it's a mosquito prone country ... Why do Africa fall a prey of pharmaceutical products test? African doctors answer me?  I may look controversial but remember they can't jab their children with same malaria vaccine jab why ours ?
Mail me your counter critic questions  and suggestions
It's a quick article and making a concept paper. A research paper and policy paper month ...
Joshua Boitt -

Friday, 31 March 2017

Racism in India,Africans Students Attacked

    INDIA judge me not by the color of my skin but the content of my character, Martin Lurther King Jr. words reverberates in African students ears.
Vigilantes of cultural cowardice and color hatred attack African nationals and students in India. Noida City turns out to be a racist stricken neighborhood in New Delhi. The street spreads the fangs of racial discrimination, human rights activists are silent. Fear racial attacks rises among students who skipped classes in Noida International University and colleges in the National capital suburb.
    Who will tame this racism?
    The closed door meetings of 2016 by the Indian ministry of External affair and African Ambassadors with a section of African students yielded  a seed silence to contain racism not solutions, the so called high level meeting gave away diplomatic fruits of economic footprint in African but silenced the students who had planned a Martin Luther King junior style march. A promise of visitations by a minster to Africans students in metros was just for the media the reality it didn’t happen?  A small section of student leaders promised racism will be reduced only to expose the large number of students to the barbarism of racial discrimination.
    The rise of nationalism around the world and in India is a factor that citizens are racially abused and hated. Nationalistic imperialism has come out of new generation leaders and societies have turned against the progressive world. In diplomatic terms the attack of Africans will be quenched with promises of stern actions the reality no one is ready to curb it in an open way, live debate and African students inclusive talk. 

   The truth is painful when Africans students know that Indians are treated so well in Africa while we are treated faultily, no African hates neither India nor Indians but bitterness is on the rise. Please Indian government why can’t you fight racism with actions not words racism and listen to the voices of African students.
     An African girl walks alone in Indian street, she is asked how much...implying sex for money, our daughters have been treated like prostitutes. Sorry our daughters we will rectify your image and make sure those whose you racially profile you will not see the African sun.
     An African boy walks a lane and he is taunted at times called monkey, seen as drug dealer. Attacked for having dark skin.
    The protection Indians gets in Africa is fulltime, the police protection Africans get in India only after blood has been shade.
India a country with the largest number of television stations, radio stations, magazines, newspapers can use the power of the fourth estate - Press to curb racism as it makes economic footprint in Africa. The media waits when the situation is critical they report when the headlines die down cameras turn away.
    Medical tourism will suffer a hit; already some patients have cancelled their travel to India. The rise of bitterness among Africans in India will bear fruits on hatred of Indians in Africa and the repercussions will be a world divided between races. The truth is an African nation nationals causes predicament for other African nationals in India, it is high time that African Embassies tell the naked truth to the embassy to teach, tame, educate, orient its national on not causing nuisance and thus other African nations suffer the brunt of their misconduct. 
     Donald trump spoke of "Whether we are black brown or white we all bleed the same blood," That’s the truth in a nutshell.
     The big picture is that racism has risen in India beyond understanding of nations and nationalities, the governments and embassies try to tackle it diplomatically, to safeguard trade and trade and industry foothold in Africa, otherwise the cultural, racial fight against racism is a watershed.
     Education destination for Africans students being India will suffer a thump and May admission of nursing and medical sciences courses have shifted to Philippines.
Gone are the days when the embassies issued travel advisories, the new social media does it quick and radical as the youth turn to Facebook groups, Whats app groups , live on Instagram to warn others of dangers of racism in this case in India. 
    Indo-Africa relations maybe still good and warm in the ambassadorial picture but between people it has gone low as every year a student dies of racism interrelated cases.
The resolution is simple but complex, use the media, the parents and teachers, have  a yearly Indo-African students summit to find solutions and possible ways to solve the problems.
    The tears of African parents who have lost their sons and daughters in India for a crime of being black will not go down the dust, it will haunt the racists and one day African generation will rise and make the continent a hub of peace within itself and one United States of Africa. I may not see it in my life but , as Martin Luther King saw and walked the road of racial segregated societies, freedom will come at last and we won’t travel to study but they will come to see the black Africa they despise with whom hatred and racial intolerance will not be there. Rise Africa don’t be cowards, you were yoked to build other nations you are racially abused as you natural wealth, resources are taken away.
      African Union be silent no more, be silent no more, see you soon in Addis Ababa.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Kothanur, Bangalore Murder ; Ugandan Lady Murdered in India

The murder of Ugandan lady in, Kothanur Bangalore India comes in the wake of incidences that Africans face in India, the murder is a twist in the tail as investigation are underway, as a Kenyan students leader I urge the African ladies, women, students in India to take precautions in dealing with Indian men especially in cities, for such incidences are not new and have been reported many a times. The social networking sites is a social evil and dating sites have flourished with paid sex becoming the order of the day. I condemn the murdered of the Ugandan woman in Bangalore.  The circumstances unknown but according to the police reports and online media reports the murder is related to sexual favors with the exchange of money.
Africa my homeland what have we done to the world,
Dear African girls in India.
1.      Respect your bodies, by showing courtesy of dressing, they watch you and pass comments and don’t think they love, they want sex when they praise you.
2.      Don’t befriend a stranger a take them to your house the same day.
3.      Avoid taking alcohol with men at odd hours without your friends
4.      Ask for assistance from your embassies if you need money.
5.      Avoid social networking sites that might expose you as a potential sex object…and avoid video calls with strangers who might lure you with money.
6.      Dating sites is a death trap, use with caution
7.      Avoid night outs with total strangers.
8.      Be an online celebrity with class ceiling not with sexual comments that leads you to sin.
Remember there are men with money out there! Who have trapped our girls in sexual slavery and might spread diseases, while we deal with them, help us deal with those who might get our new African girls who just land here, advice our young sisters if you are an old timer abroad and stay safe, keep in touch with African student’s leaders from your respective countries.
More reports, as investigation continues on the murder, will publish interviews as African students gather more information from ground zero Bangalore!
Long live Africa around the world ,  Long live your studies to change the nations when you get back home.
Our girls need your advice , do it while you can , rectify their morals , as I travel while studying let a preach on the social media and get them out of the so called ,'sponsors' who give money for sex, who spread HIV , I cry inside me I am angry when I have to hunt down there men on Facebook and block them. Spread the word, throught India and beyond , 

comments from readers;all I put anonymous for privacy issues below :
"Sometimes we buy our death out of our lack of morals " anonymous
"What happened is so unfortunate and heartbreaking. However, let's not draw conclusion based on what is reported on the news .I believe only God and the two of them can say who first attacked the other. Also I believe (I may be wrong ) that the authority may give a side of the story to defend their own and their society . Our condolence to te family , all Ugandans and Africans."anonymous 
"I am ashamed to walk in front of Indians as an african girl " anonymous

More on the murder, The Hindu Newspaper, see the link below;