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Friday, 31 March 2017

Racism in India,Africans Students Attacked

    INDIA judge me not by the color of my skin but the content of my character, Martin Lurther King Jr. words reverberates in African students ears.
Vigilantes of cultural cowardice and color hatred attack African nationals and students in India. Noida City turns out to be a racist stricken neighborhood in New Delhi. The street spreads the fangs of racial discrimination, human rights activists are silent. Fear racial attacks rises among students who skipped classes in Noida International University and colleges in the National capital suburb.
    Who will tame this racism?
    The closed door meetings of 2016 by the Indian ministry of External affair and African Ambassadors with a section of African students yielded  a seed silence to contain racism not solutions, the so called high level meeting gave away diplomatic fruits of economic footprint in African but silenced the students who had planned a Martin Luther King junior style march. A promise of visitations by a minster to Africans students in metros was just for the media the reality it didn’t happen?  A small section of student leaders promised racism will be reduced only to expose the large number of students to the barbarism of racial discrimination.
    The rise of nationalism around the world and in India is a factor that citizens are racially abused and hated. Nationalistic imperialism has come out of new generation leaders and societies have turned against the progressive world. In diplomatic terms the attack of Africans will be quenched with promises of stern actions the reality no one is ready to curb it in an open way, live debate and African students inclusive talk. 

   The truth is painful when Africans students know that Indians are treated so well in Africa while we are treated faultily, no African hates neither India nor Indians but bitterness is on the rise. Please Indian government why can’t you fight racism with actions not words racism and listen to the voices of African students.
     An African girl walks alone in Indian street, she is asked how much...implying sex for money, our daughters have been treated like prostitutes. Sorry our daughters we will rectify your image and make sure those whose you racially profile you will not see the African sun.
     An African boy walks a lane and he is taunted at times called monkey, seen as drug dealer. Attacked for having dark skin.
    The protection Indians gets in Africa is fulltime, the police protection Africans get in India only after blood has been shade.
India a country with the largest number of television stations, radio stations, magazines, newspapers can use the power of the fourth estate - Press to curb racism as it makes economic footprint in Africa. The media waits when the situation is critical they report when the headlines die down cameras turn away.
    Medical tourism will suffer a hit; already some patients have cancelled their travel to India. The rise of bitterness among Africans in India will bear fruits on hatred of Indians in Africa and the repercussions will be a world divided between races. The truth is an African nation nationals causes predicament for other African nationals in India, it is high time that African Embassies tell the naked truth to the embassy to teach, tame, educate, orient its national on not causing nuisance and thus other African nations suffer the brunt of their misconduct. 
     Donald trump spoke of "Whether we are black brown or white we all bleed the same blood," That’s the truth in a nutshell.
     The big picture is that racism has risen in India beyond understanding of nations and nationalities, the governments and embassies try to tackle it diplomatically, to safeguard trade and trade and industry foothold in Africa, otherwise the cultural, racial fight against racism is a watershed.
     Education destination for Africans students being India will suffer a thump and May admission of nursing and medical sciences courses have shifted to Philippines.
Gone are the days when the embassies issued travel advisories, the new social media does it quick and radical as the youth turn to Facebook groups, Whats app groups , live on Instagram to warn others of dangers of racism in this case in India. 
    Indo-Africa relations maybe still good and warm in the ambassadorial picture but between people it has gone low as every year a student dies of racism interrelated cases.
The resolution is simple but complex, use the media, the parents and teachers, have  a yearly Indo-African students summit to find solutions and possible ways to solve the problems.
    The tears of African parents who have lost their sons and daughters in India for a crime of being black will not go down the dust, it will haunt the racists and one day African generation will rise and make the continent a hub of peace within itself and one United States of Africa. I may not see it in my life but , as Martin Luther King saw and walked the road of racial segregated societies, freedom will come at last and we won’t travel to study but they will come to see the black Africa they despise with whom hatred and racial intolerance will not be there. Rise Africa don’t be cowards, you were yoked to build other nations you are racially abused as you natural wealth, resources are taken away.
      African Union be silent no more, be silent no more, see you soon in Addis Ababa.