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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


    Freelance comes from the word freelance.Is a person -whether a writer or an artist who is independent in what he or she does as a profession.He gets his payment on contract or cash basis depending with the one hiring him.
A freelancer, freelance worker, or freelance is somebody who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term[1]
    Freelancer also means a casual worker who is on temporary basis.They work in many fields such as journalism which is a common field to sharpen your skills, for many aspiring writers this is the ultimate base to start and start earning.It may, may be also in publishing ,copy writing advertisement research ,event management,proofreading and acting photojournalism,audio and video editing.This also mean you should be competent enough to be a successful freelance.
General knowledge is essential for one to become a freelancer.This helps in performing more work at any given situation or time.It a platform of freedom from stress from bosses and one has time to manage his or her work but always have in mind that once you have taken someone's work there is time limit and deadline awaits you.
one should have intellectual skill and thus mental strength is essential to work in this environment,it has turned amateurs to professional.In recent past students for developed countries employs freelancers to work for them in writing theses,dissertations.Here in India the students who come from Arabic nations with Arabic as their mother tongue have hired some other student especially form Kenya to assist them in learning English,writing skill and writing theses and dissertation.
Capture amazing images and upload,share your skills pays,later...
Now the issue of plagiarism rises here so a caution to freelancers to have the skill and cite sources of their work,whether books or internet for if the employer is faced with plagiarism that means the freelancer failed in case of writing.One should use the APA style which is a recommended style while writing a journal,research paper and so forth.