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Monday, 1 June 2015

Fifa fallout ; beyond shame

Football for thought, is FIFA beyond redemption?
 Who can save the sinking ship, the captain is adrift from reality and ‘owns’ the MV FIFA The death of football is imminent but a hope for a new soccer day will rise when football will be free from some corrupt officials. Can someone remind FIFA officials that FIFA is not football kingship, A Red card for fifa, yellow cards for all the ‘blatters?’
What’s the difference between FIFA and failure?
Taming the tide, I am not timid but team blatter need ‘hawk eye’ to see the blander. The challenge is slowing down and the perception is clear as boom mic behind the goal, recycling same blatter ballot, bullets the ball and FIFA players rule has the twelfth player, its official 11 players plus Blatter, the referee has no whislte and the benchmark is change survival, corrupt officials who are after money, pride and not the cheering.
The voting was a mock , more of a gamble, as a football fan who has been on FIFA screen from 1994 world cup this was betrayal, I dream of FIFA democracy; only two terms for the post of presidency and  below 60 years candidate for FIFA presidency. There should be a FIFA’S spring that will bring revolution in the name of football democracy.
He wasn’t apologetic or ashamed of what happened when he is at the helm… ‘arrested for what ?’ Sepp Blatter… arrested for ruining soccer’s beauty and putting money ahead of the game by some of your officials, bad play. A degree of arrogance and bitterness, anger flashed.
Money the primary focus for the outcome of the boast, hope the world and FBI will flash out those behind FIFA ruins, all in power looks for their interest , revenue ballooned and billions stuck not for football development but officials own greed for power and thus they reign as patronage patriarchs of soccer , they represent their own interest.
Hope sponsors will use their power passion and persistence to sanitize FIFA and bring back the flaming torch and the love of the game. FIFA need readjustment, rebalancing and the ability to adapt to changing times. What happened in FIFA ballot day was like a streaker in the field as fans wait for authorizes to make arrest? The voices of discontent are heard, the  red card  has been flashed out to Blatter and he clings to power in the backdrop of backlash.
FIFA needs restructuring.