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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Arnab Goswami

November 2016
Arnab Goswami ...resigns from times tv
Twitter....Tata ...Times Now ...
Three top bosses quit in a Week
Arnab's resignation strikes me ...
I stay unbalanced , it's news to me ,
I stay untuned, News Hour I will miss
Since eight years I watched him ..
I had fear of unknown , I feared the politicians
I feared the police, I was afraid of those who intimidated me for my background and Africa. Origin
I was a trembler in front of bosses
I stood fear over courage ,
I was a bachelor's degree boy
I couldn't face today
I feared tomorrow
I was the moss that rolling stones gathered
Time now ...from Times Now Tv
I am fearless , I face tomorrow by handling today
I faced the racism wrath with three letters to president and prime minister of India with a heart of the people
I follow the the letters I quit not
I twitted courageous about  Jacob Zuma in Goa for his role to tell BRIC S nations to fight racism , he fights in brics or south Africa quit brics countries,
Arnab put the nation at peace with Africa in his debate on racism he was fearless...
I face the Times I live , for Arnab Goswami taught me with fire of journalism
He made me fearless
I have common commited journalism sense
I learnt to shoot the politicians with a camera
I walk head held hight n put them on the wall
A popular not a populist
I fear none and respect all
Arnab the war of journalism has begun till the fourth and fifth estate becomes independent
I cry for a new way and new day that journalism will be free from shackles of owners , gate keepers and politicians
When journalism will liberate Allepo and Mosul not only reporting
I became courageous because of you Arnab Goswami
I spoke for India I will speak for Africa
I knew them ,politicians and if I don't ask tough questions they lie and I find lies in the wordings which you crafted and turned me a new leaf
I hold those who mislead responsible
I draw courage from you,
I stayed back in india because of you
I realized bachelors degree will make me be bought easily and be a mouthpiece of my bosses, media owners
I plucked courage to game on in journalism now a researcher from Kenya 9 years in India
Africa I come but will meet Arnab to tell him thank you for giving me courage to take trains and go to corridors of power
To stop anyone from fooling the public
To all young media students , don't be silent
Shout out in your schools , colleges backyards
Villages towns hamlets cities states provinces countries and go for the truth not neutral
Don't give up ,follow the ethics not the money
Don't be a celebrity journalist be a critic to every crooked way, don't walk away when confronted walk in, get them from their words , do research read wide (media law )and make the society a better place , make peace with all and war with courage to encourage and put them that divide people on the spot , the time is now walk head held high.
Equip your minds with knowledge and wisdom Long live young generation be the rolling journalist that gathers truth,be the stone not the moss.
I am no longer neutral but I strive for truth
I dream of liberation in journalism
Long live arnab
Long live journalism ,
Joshua boitt .....
Courage reignited

Friday, 25 November 2016

Fidel Castro , former Cuban President , Dies at 90

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, the father of Communist Cuba dies.

Fidel Castro, Ex-Cuban president , has died this is according to state Media reports, he ruled Cuba from 1959 to 2008 when he handed power to his brother Raul Castro who is the current Cuban president. He was initially the Prime Minister of Cuba till 1976 and then president till 2008.

Let Fidelism be a philosophy and Castroism be an ideology to be studied from today .

Cuba is an Island off the the United States state of Florida coast. Fidel Castro is regarded as the father of Communist Cuba and ruled the Island for half a century, the longest serving president in the world.

His brother the current president of Cuba, Raul Castro termed his as ''the commander in chief of the Cuban revolution,''

The former Cuban leader has twice been said to have died ,by the Cuban media but this time time its the brother who announces the death on state tv, his elder brother Ramon Castro died this earlier this year , while his younger brother is in Power as the current leader of the Cuban people.


He was a revolutionary and a politician , a communist revered by some and reviled my some, he lived a life in controversy with the west and has his achievements and failures in his country and abroad, he inspired others in African and Asia while he made strides in his political ideology and he once said, 

''they talk about the failure of socialism but where is the success of capitalism in Africa , Asia and Latin America''-

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz

He lived what he saw and the pain of the past haunted him and thus he wanted to make the best of what he knew, he was revolutionary who lived by his words and thus the quotes shows the mind of a man who was determined to change the ways of what he went through , as a revolutionist or a revolutionary leader we have seen what the world has gone through since the Arab revolution infamously know as the Arab Spring , the rise of modern leaders and the bitterness that people have over the systems of the worlds , Africa is rising and the youth are the ones to take back the countries which has been pegged by leaders who have remained in power for long , its a place that Cuban revolutionary had his heart and he inspired a generation in his time.

With his ideology in mind, in modern time thought we have been brainwashed with modern ideologies which haven't solved the underlying problems , we have have a scheme afoot as young leaders to change and not being leaders tomorrow but leaders of today.We cant afford to hate and kill , we cant afford to steal and be corrupt but we have to rise to the challenges beforehand and take the best of communism , socialism ,Gandhian philosophy and  capitalism, to make a great path for the future generations. 

Lest we forget what Fidel Castro once stated,

''a revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past''

we have to have a better struggle for posterity and ensure the world remains safe, peaceful and have a better air to breath and safeguarding the environment , sustainability is the key. 

 The books that Fidel wrote has lesson to learn from the past the future of Communism and Fidelism whose works remains controversial to some and lessons to others , as he departs from this earth, we have lived , we have struggled , and hope we will live and we will rejoice in the end of second life. 

A lesson from Castroism and his advocacy , his struggles and thus his philosophy.

Fidel Castro's Books;

1. Obama and the Empire (2010)

2. History will Absolve Me (1958)

3. Fidel and Religion (2006)

4. My Life : A spoken Autobiography (2006)

5. Women and the Cuban Revolution (1970) 

6. In defense of socialism (1994)

7. War , Racism and Economic Injustice (2002)

The former Commander-in-chief of Cuba's victorious rebel army that made the former dictator Batista to flee in 1959 , its was an insurrectionary general strike that many Cubans took part and is still remembered till today.

His famous quote on capitalism, has a message to todays Africa ,

 ''Capitalism has neither the capacity, nor nor the morality, nor the ethics to solve the problems of poverty''- Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz

Thursday, 6 October 2016

US Consul General , Thomas L. Vadja

Interacting with US Consul General , Thomas L. Vadja was a blessing for did he know I was celebrating my 8th year at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, exactly 8 years ago I entered the department as a junior journalism student. little did I know that the journey will take me places while giving me courage to face challenges. His interaction with media students was the highest honor, looking forward to ignite my American dream and reach forth to the backyards of my cradle of mankind land Africa.
                                         Thomas L. Vadja, U.S Consul General, Mumbai.
                                                  Far Right , Prof. Sudhir Gavhane.
Thomas Vadja is creative and passionate about journalism students and he is a family man who talked about his daughters dream of having free choice and pursuing what they love most. He is half-journalist half-diplomat with his charismatic sense of humanity. He cooled me down from my fiery question about race and discrimination and also what would Donald Trump Presidency mean to the world and USA interests abroad, if he takes office?  he found my question and gave me answers diplomatically and personally, from his viewpoint.
                                           Thomas L. Vadja, U.S Consul General, Mumbai.
  Audience,Journalism Students of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad
He spoke more on Higher Education; Challenges and Opportunities, which is the quest of every students who aspire to pursue their dreams despite and inspite of challenges from cultural background  and economic background. He added that the United states assist many students and thus his office would serve the interest of all who dream to pursue their dreams in the United States.
Hope that will meet him again to interact more in India. Long Live his dreams.
                                        From left, Joshua Boitt, Thomas L. Vadja, U.S Consul General, Mumbai.
                                    Prof. Sudhir Gavhane
, Heidi Hattenbach of U.S Consulate Mumbai.
Little did I realize my dream will make me meet such great personalities and be at the Indian Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi to discuss African students issues, while drafting a letter to the Prime Minister and President of India and be at both offices June 2016, 
I see the world at peace and war at itself, I strive to reach forth to all while fearing none. 
The leadership opportunities; being Kenya African Students (KASA) President Aurangabad chapter for six years helped me reach forth into the human endevours of aspiring to assist all those who face discrimination at any place in India and beyond anytime. I have faced the worst kind of discrimination, still strive to find questions to ask to why world leaders are silent.
 The world  hates us while our lives matter and black lives matter. The answers to my question about  racial discrimination were well answered and hope to ask more questions to maybe to the United states ambassador to India and probably President Obama and the next United States president.
As long as I live hope to pose the same questions to African presidents at the African Union. I die everyday from discrimination in the streets and many places, which created a new Boitt Paranoia Disorder (BPD), which is a quest for finding answers about  Black African race around the world why the world doesn't love African race. On the quest for recreates Boitt Paranoia Order BPO which suggest the world human color color conscious while the only prescription is totell it as it is anytime anywhere and silent no more.

Acronyms or Fullforms and Abbreviations

Acronyms is a puzzle of those who form it and thus in the process of learning we accept the so called order of their minds.
The interpretation of full-forms of words lie in the creators of such and we accept as said and the new generation continue to generate acronyms and full form of words from the common world words and make new meanings that still remain easy and complex in some ways .
Here are some few examples of full forms or acronyms of some common words and personalities that I recreated from names;
JKB- Joshua Kipkemoi Boitt
BHO- Barack Hussein Obama
HRC- Hillary Rodham Clinton
UK- Uhuru Kenyatta
CK- Clinton Kain
TP- Trump Paine
DT- Donald Trump
NR- Narendra Modi
 The world has its surprises and new words come and go but the touching ones  remain in our minds,i tried to recreate the above
TPD- Trump Personality Disorder..          TPO- Trump Personality Order
BPO Boitt Personality Order                    BPD- Boitt Personality Order

Journalism Field and Other Fields
note...the oneswith (jkb) are my own creation
UAS- Unmanned Aircraft Systems
UAV- Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
sUAS- small Unmanned Aerial Systems
HC- hexacopter (jkb)
UGC -User Generated Content
RTDNA Radio-Television Digital News Association
RTNDA Radio-Television News Directors Association
DNG Drone News Gathering
ENG Electronic News Gathering
EFP- Electronic Field Production
OB Van - Outside Broadcast Van
VLOS/ Vlos- Visual Line of Sight
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
NH News Helicopters (jkb)
CFI - Certified Flight Instructor
WION- World Is One News
CNN - Cable News Network
DNG- Digital News Gathering
DNG - Digital Negative
DNG- Drums Not Guns

FNG- Facebook New Gathering (jkb)
FTI- Facebook Twitter Instagram (jkb)
SNS -Social Networking Sites
SFI- Speak For India (jkb)
Students Federation of India
AASI- Association of African Students in India
KASA- Kenya African Students Association
ASAI- African Students Association India
VFI- Victory Fellowship International
AIAASA- All India African  Students Association
Dj/DJ- Disc Jockey
Rj/ RJ - Radio Jockey
Hj/HJ - Hyperlocal Journalism
Gj/GJ- Gonzo Journalism, Green Journalism
Yj/YJ- Yellow Journalism
CJ/Cj- Citizen Journalism
AJ/Aj- Advocacy Journalism (jkb)
ASNE- American Society of Newspaper Editors
ICJ- International Center For Journalism
SPJ- Society of Professional Journalists
EJC-- European Journalism Centre
IJF- Independent Journalism Foundation
RWB/RSF- Reporters Without Boarders or Reporters Sans Frontieres
DWB /MSF-Doctors Without Boarders/ Medecins San Frontiers
NWB/ MSF- Nurses Without Boarders
TWB - Teachers Without Boarders

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Flash Mob

A flash Mob is defined a pass time bustle in which a group of people (mob)in an hazy time decide to entertain by surprise other group of people with songs, music , poetry or any activity in an outdoor place, in a shopping mall, supermarket or hypermarket. It can be in a stadium or public space where there is a gathering.

A flash (quick) like light that appears and disappears, mob- organised or unorganised group of people

Flash Mob idea has taken the young generation by storm as it becomes the order of the day in many cities around the world. Is it a time pass activity, or is it a uniting activity which brings songs poetry and music for the love of sharing hobbies in a free time. 

Flash mob has become a source of entertainment and it has taken authorities by surprise which in turn can be a security concern as the world has become insecure thus a flash mob applies the element of surprise to the owners of the public space.

The concept has its origin in the north Americas.

A flash mob can also be termed as ‘flare crowd’ which is controlled by a quest entertain a multitude in a public place using an facet of shocker.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Muhammad Ali Laid to Rest in Louisville, Kentucky.

A proper respect to King of the ring, Muhammad Ali ‘I am an ordinary man who worked hard to develop a talent I was given. I believed in myself, and I believe in the goodness of others.’
His quotes live timeless, “he who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life”. He stood tall; the beauty of his life is inspiring.
A memorial that will last ages, the legacy will roll to generations, he united all colors and religions in his resting time and memorial service day, a son of Lousville, Kentucky departs. He was more than a boxer shakes everybody hands and signs all hats and pages in his pen of peace.
A figure of race, fought in courage and helped the world to see what it means to be an African American and an African when he rumbled in the jungle, the lion that fought in Kinshaza Zaire (DRC Congo). The famous fight in Kinshaza.

A life connected to the people and brought the world to Africa, an inspiring figure who taught religion and united many into one. A pinnacle of the representation that drove to activism and shed a light to injustices, remembers silence will not keep you safe. Rise from your cocoon and go get it, fear none, fight for what is right and noble to all humanity for we share this planet that our conscious minds live in, it’s a world our home.
Remember his words, ‘Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ The champion who lived his life and lived every minute for others, celebrated in life alive and cherished in his death.
He was true to himself, he sacrificed his time and money for the betterment of society, we have tasks and he has completed his tasks we have tests and inspirations, lets walk a life and pass the tests to assist brothers and sisters.
A champion of all , a champion of everyday man , a champion of the common man, I shall remember you Champ, go well, will light your candle and tell the world we live to cherish colours of all humanity, all are same in image of God,
Let us pause for a moment and emulate him and live loving all, signing all autographs for young and old, poor and rich and never tiring.
The rumble in the jungle goes off the world, a final journey, thousands bids cheerio at Muhammad Ali boulevard, he fought a little mans style and became champion, floating like a butterfly.
He fought a big man’s style and stung like a bee. He overcame difficulties in the society and rose against the scours of racism, he handcuffed racism and I shall fight to put it in prison, Ali tussled the whale, we swim with him, to change the world you pay a prize.
Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.
An ordinary life that became extraordinary and cherished in his death, he stood for all, Goodbye and farewell, float like a butterfly Ali.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Wave of silence theory

Love is a journey of two souls, two lovebirds that accept to fly together, its turns to be of many souls when trouble strikes or when the conventional ways turns a societal suicide. That depends upon culture and generation glitch.

Wave of silence theory explains the lovebirds ways of trying to solve issues , one can be loud the other silent or both loud when love turns sour and affection hits the wall. The opinion of the other matters if they still have heart connections but it depends with the situational complexity.

Wave of silence can be a healing power if they take it private and try to heal naturally in affection , and it always affect the other partner and stirs thinking many ways;

1. Maybe he/she moved on?

2. He or she found another lovebird?

3.She/he is in distress? which leads to mild depression

5.Healing times to cement future love at second sight.


7.. None of the above.

 After this steps , the love triangle will be healed or broken and thus , remember importance syndrome; a nasty feeling when you realize that the people/ person you love think that you are nagging.

Just like a wave love flows through veins and carries you to the shores of affection, be careful how you land, so that you can be able to explore the shores of human connections and travel with compassion and care of the other person. Swimming the the wave of silence is like meditation which helps each one to heal of you quarrel in love. Learn cherish and know the waves, open your heart to others when they open for you that's souls searching. A doctor will give you medicine for depression, but true love gives you both prescriptions ,medicine and results to depression.

Casual care; don't love someone exceedingly that they start taking you for granted,apply wave of silence theory for them to feel that you are missing in action.

Apply wave of silence to heal and not to hurt someone, reply when they need you, like a wave when wind blows. Set the sail for reconcilliation and move on swimming .

I wish you a lovely life in love and affection.- Joshua Boitt

Friday, 22 January 2016

Haka Wedding moves Maori bride to tears

Courtesy BBC Urdu

Grandeur Haka Wedding Moves Maori Bride

A traditional war cry of Maori people became a modern wedding cry of the year. The Maori wedding bride took the steps to perform the surprise haka moves and the passionate cry, that has been watched millions of times across the internet. Tears dropped down like sleet that eventually became an avalanche of tears across the multimedia world of the new media. 
Aaliyah and Benjamin Armstrong  becomes the couple of the decade to have had a test of the internet 2.0 platform that will go down in the history of social networking sites, seen, shared and shines forth sealed with tears. Courtesy
Aaliyah's entry to the stage is the pinnacle of the viral video from New Zealand that unsealed tears, brought joy and the beauty behind every love bird of one united wedding matrimony.One of the bridesmaid is the one who pulled the strings for the bride to join in, and the moves becomes a wedding history. 'Yes they did'
'Wedding Haka' Courtesy
Above the bridesmaid joined in the haka, mesmerizing eventually rising to the occasion which brought the wedding celebration to its feet and culminating to the climax of the men 'intimidating' haka moves ,moves millions to tears turned a respect and love Maori song. Tying the knot with a touch of grandeur wedding day, that will shape the grandeur wedding day which will last timeless.
The memory of this wedding has brought another cultural milestone to the Maori traditional culture. A wedding march that became a wedding song, and best men that shower love and respect forever cherished by the love birds that flew into 'Love Haka'
Long live Maori culture!
Long live lovebirds Benjamin Armstrong and Aaliyah Armstrong! Blissful wedding day!- Joshua Boitt
                                                                         [Story mapping BBC]