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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Acronyms or Fullforms and Abbreviations

Acronyms is a puzzle of those who form it and thus in the process of learning we accept the so called order of their minds.
The interpretation of full-forms of words lie in the creators of such and we accept as said and the new generation continue to generate acronyms and full form of words from the common world words and make new meanings that still remain easy and complex in some ways .
Here are some few examples of full forms or acronyms of some common words and personalities that I recreated from names;
JKB- Joshua Kipkemoi Boitt
BHO- Barack Hussein Obama
HRC- Hillary Rodham Clinton
UK- Uhuru Kenyatta
CK- Clinton Kain
TP- Trump Paine
DT- Donald Trump
NR- Narendra Modi
 The world has its surprises and new words come and go but the touching ones  remain in our minds,i tried to recreate the above
TPD- Trump Personality Disorder..          TPO- Trump Personality Order
BPO Boitt Personality Order                    BPD- Boitt Personality Order

Journalism Field and Other Fields
note...the oneswith (jkb) are my own creation
UAS- Unmanned Aircraft Systems
UAV- Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
sUAS- small Unmanned Aerial Systems
HC- hexacopter (jkb)
UGC -User Generated Content
RTDNA Radio-Television Digital News Association
RTNDA Radio-Television News Directors Association
DNG Drone News Gathering
ENG Electronic News Gathering
EFP- Electronic Field Production
OB Van - Outside Broadcast Van
VLOS/ Vlos- Visual Line of Sight
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
NH News Helicopters (jkb)
CFI - Certified Flight Instructor
WION- World Is One News
CNN - Cable News Network
DNG- Digital News Gathering
DNG - Digital Negative
DNG- Drums Not Guns

FNG- Facebook New Gathering (jkb)
FTI- Facebook Twitter Instagram (jkb)
SNS -Social Networking Sites
SFI- Speak For India (jkb)
Students Federation of India
AASI- Association of African Students in India
KASA- Kenya African Students Association
ASAI- African Students Association India
VFI- Victory Fellowship International
AIAASA- All India African  Students Association
Dj/DJ- Disc Jockey
Rj/ RJ - Radio Jockey
Hj/HJ - Hyperlocal Journalism
Gj/GJ- Gonzo Journalism, Green Journalism
Yj/YJ- Yellow Journalism
CJ/Cj- Citizen Journalism
AJ/Aj- Advocacy Journalism (jkb)
ASNE- American Society of Newspaper Editors
ICJ- International Center For Journalism
SPJ- Society of Professional Journalists
EJC-- European Journalism Centre
IJF- Independent Journalism Foundation
RWB/RSF- Reporters Without Boarders or Reporters Sans Frontieres
DWB /MSF-Doctors Without Boarders/ Medecins San Frontiers
NWB/ MSF- Nurses Without Boarders
TWB - Teachers Without Boarders