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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Mary Abigail Schmitz , Joshua Boitt- Poems

Joshua Kipkemoi Boitt

Melodious merry morn, lovely chirrup
The orange orb rising hails Indian summer
Sun burns, summer syrup
Parched land, bemoan Indian farmer
Nesting the cave walls, parrot preys
Cirrus clouds obscure sunrise
Echoes a Buddhist prayer hall, monk prays
The misty valley, secures sunrays
The Taj of Deccan towers, alighted soft morn
Arsul dam breezes, Aurangabad caves breathes heat wave
‘Poor man’s Taj’ of love, forever mourn

The red ball descending, beyond the mighty dusk,
 Birds heading east, squirrels climb down, a lofty task
Lonely sunset gliding, washing away sorrows
Gladly glowing, lovely dulcet
Far afield western coast, a promise of a new dawn
Boitt Sleeps, Abigail wakes, Aurangabad-New York world afar

Reaching, stretching, far as it can
Up over the horizon; illuminates the land
Fingers of purple and heart of gold
Waking all people; young and old
Silently announces the start of the day
Bursting with promise
Chases the darkness away

Slowly drifting
Down and down
Under the branches
Warming the ground
Resting its rays for tomorrow's light
Slowly, slowly
Out of sight

Friday, 8 March 2013


Viva Uhuru,Uhurismo. Viva Uhuru Kenyatta!,the 4th president of  Kenya
Comandante en jefe de las fuerzas armadas de la Rep├║blica de Kenya-The commander in chief of the armed forces of the the Republic of Kenya.
The son of the founding father of Kenya,Uhuru rose through the ranks being endorsed in 2002 for presidency by the second president of Kenya and he has been in reserve warming up for the big day and has been the deputy prime minister of Kenya since 2008.And finally the day came the long awaited day as Kenyans waited for five days to know the 4th Commander, Viva Kenyans for your patience,I salute you all!
A long waited ambition has come to fruition as the charismatic son of Jomo Kenyatta rise to the throne,a man of the people,the day is calm and jubilation echoes across the mountains,from the tip of Mount Kenya to India,
A dream has yielded fruits and the Nation has chosen, UHURUTO Coined for the ultimate goal and this is the moment to unite Kenyans and all tribes which had been polarized by tribalism this is the big moment,heal Kenya UHURU and RUTO. God guide you and bless you as you take oath to defend our nation.
A long walk,a journey through the wilderness and finally the promised land is here,deliver us as we walk with you,the fruits are ripe,the grapes are ripe and we will work in the farm and bring all abode for the harvest need hard work,the second Journey marching to the walls of 'JERICHO' Foreign affairs ,tourism and ministry of education needs an overhaul to steer forth the economy.
I swear to serve my nation even if i have to do it free of charge i will work for my country and make it the paradise of  Africa,rise Kenya Rise. Peace love and unity to all Kenyans.
Congratulations (President) Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and (Vice President)William Samoei Ruto, deliver Kenya from economic crisis and make it a tourist,economic hub in Africa.

Strength of a woman

By Joshua Boitt.
We praise heroes every day, but we forget to eulogize heroines, the world progresses by an invincible hand which continue to reach out, mend the net of peace and harmony.
Whether the Peruvian woman in a South African prison giving birth she cares for her child upright, The tears of refugee aged 105 from Syria across the border ,her cries resonates the motherly love, for she remembers those who suffer in the hands of men she sees bodies and yearns for peace as men wage war.
I salute women, their grand efforts unfettered, their strength unmatched, as they march into the eye of centuries of male subjugated society they subdue all obstacles, pick a spot for future posterity for children. May women grow strong to marshal a promising tomorrow!
Men rule women lead, every touch sparks a success, and for every woman’s advice gratitude grows in the family. Motherly love forever remembered. Mothers sacrifice their moment in life and pride to take us across the bridge of time, they trudge the cold slopes of gender stereotype to guide, love, and care. Grandma’s simple night stories by the fire touches our hearts, the delicacy from the kitchen keep us alive.
Every inspiration springs out a womans’ heart, for a complete movie a woman is at the helm, happiness stems out of woman. A man builds’ a house, women built a home, they share responsibilities and create infinite possibilities for intricate opportunities in a man’s life.
Rising with kitchen smoke to kings throne of power,let sgive girls opportunities. Hillary Clinton, Condoleza Rice, Dilma Rouseff, Mother Teresa continues to bring inspiration to every girl opening the hall of female destiny that awaits them. Rise young girls take you position in the society and forever skies will be added with butterflies and flowers not only soccer balls and kites.
As a man walked he is proud because there is a woman. For every courageous man on the stage there is a whisper of woman urging him to go! Go!
May the chains of gender stereotypes be broken and a 50/50 society where all have equal career opportunities and a platform to accomplish dreams. Rise young women Rise!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Battle of the ballots - Kenya

Kenya's Elections
Kenyans have decided to set an example to the rest of the world for which its leaders failed in the 2007/2008 elections violence that marred after the disputed elections. The memories are vivid and my articles (2008) of lament remain unedited and for which I will post to my blog
Our leaders divided the nation into tribal lines  ..a coalition is the only bridge but the truth behind every mind and heart for my people nation comes first. A trend that the new constitution needs to address and the national cake be divided along each and every tribe that live under my mother Kenya peace Kenya peace!
My heart goes to the 15 Kenyans who lost their lives in wake of the historic day that Kenyans went to the polls, may the perpetrators of the heinous killings be brought to book and lets heal the nation and unite into one Kenya.’ Pamoja kama njiwa wawili’ ,together like two doves.
May solace reigns forth in this times and lets merge with the rising South Africa and the rest of the Bric nations its never too late to mend the rank and file and bring them on board, for the greater East Africa that will bring peace once more to Somalia, Sudan and other nation a model to emulate beyond the boarders of Africa.
The government failed to bring truth and reconciliation commission to solve the pent up issues of tribalism and now Hague decides the case who will heal the wounds, then
The issues at hand the economy in shambles, the price rise and inflation bites the common loyal man who will help them, truly we vote and still it’s a vicious cycle of politicians who have been in politics half of their lives, may a new dawn of the new constitution be a platform for change cater for all the people of Kenya.
Regional Conflict
Alqaeda and the Alshabaab, the separatist in the coastal region in the Town  Mombasa have become  a wall to  peace and effort s ,urgent need to resolve the issues and clear the region from Terror and peace reign. East Africa is the Gateway to Central Africa which will open up trade routes and develop the region, the International communities have a scheme afoot to ameliorate on the pent up issues resolve the conflict that have engulfed not only the region but also the entire world, with piracy in the horn Africa on the rise, one solution, give the youth education and introduce an alternative to pastoralist with irrigation and crop farming that will be an alternative source of food..
Post –poll Alliances be of a better future of the country rather than scoring political points and holding on to power.
Who cares!,  Kenyans do the politicians don’t ,cant wait to see the youth being brought onboard to develop the nation ,every day the toil and work ,the efforts unseen for they are given the opportunity to exploit their talents, give then education ,open a door for opportunities and send them abroad to study and add knowledge bank to the kids for future posterity.
Unfulfilled campaign pledges for the last decade and its time make meaningful pledges and abide by the constitution and let every hardworking Kenyan be given a chance to contribute to the development .There is  a huge gap between the real issues on the ground and those in the August House and now its time to connect  ,blue print issues and matters that are at hand on the ground. The media in Kenya a sleeping wildebeest  ,it’s a time for it wake up and stop dividing the nation into two lines, set the agenda and call a ‘jembe a jembe’ while on the other hand the government free the media, from the state organs.
Political delusion are over and the ballot has won the day bullets silent, Kenya has risen amid the shadows of 2007, the blatant selling of advert spaces and being eagles rather that turtle doves, hope to see a strong media that will not hunt for cake from politicians rather the issues at hand in villages and bring it to international media .They should sell the development issues to interaction media rather that buying local news from wire agencies and giving people recycled news and views.
Thanks to the new constitution that will restore democracy to Kenya and its neighbors may floow suit, but the new posts of governor and senator surely one seat should have been created thus the introduction was timeless for selfish gains ,Kenya is such a small country and needed not all this post rather the effect will be felt a year into the new era, and electorate will feel the pinch ,those who introduced it either had altered motives or were ill adviced,back to the drawing board, federalism fails in a small democracy ..
From India With love,Peace ! Kenya