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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Massive fire at The Address Dubai Marina Hotel, Dubai- U.A.E

            Massive fire breaks out, near world tallest building Burj Khalifa, hours before the fire works display to welcome new year 2016, the new year fire works at the world tallest skyscraper might be cancelled.
          Hope the fire will be contained soon , for a spectacular new year fireworks display, watching with bathed breadth, Happy new year 2016.
The Address Dubai Marina Hotel  has been engulfed in smoke and fire.
Joshua Boitt.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Love is a flow not a force

You cannot force love, let it flow. Love is like lava, flows in molten state, stagnates in solid state.
Live today knowing that tomorrow never comes, overlook the past be behind you but do not capitalize on the past to built tomorrow, just hold on to today for the skies belong to us all. The rain falls on the willing and the wishing, the sun shines on the smiling and the sadist.
Affection is like a infertile land; it impinge on us when we are sad and makes us blissful when we are happy. Don’t let others be in command of your life, be in control thus affection will be your skies and not your abyss.
Love with one eye closed and the other wide open, so that you can see the mirror of love which is either nearer or far-off, either truthful or sham. Be a friend and don’t befriend, close a page of love if you have read it, open a chapter of love if you haven’t read. Ensure you understand the chapter and the page of someone’s life before you take a leap of faith in affection, companionship, love and ....the love escalator is endless, be wise though when you board it ,lovers might shine and be beautiful/handsome to yours eyes while on the other hand they have thorns which will make you sad and regretting, will prick you when in need .Ask the rose flower Don’t try love, if you are weak, it’s not a rough draft of life, it’s a den of depression.
Beauty is skin deep, not eye depth.
Affectionately, we should not hate without reason, neither be angry when your antenna picked hearsay or gossip, just place your eyes and ears, before you become a judge. Life is a journey we are just passengers who will alight someday somewhere? 
Human beings are born to love, life is hard-hitting and let’s not loathe but read the book of life, and rewrite the chapter of love for happiness is what we all ought to achieve, because if you hate you will be angry and that’s a momentary madness which devours your life, slowly affecting your personality eventually depresses you . Moreover, be a flower bright to the bee and shining to the butterfly. - Joshua Boitt
Love is not heartfelt, its mind mix + heart desire. It takes, time to construct love and takes seconds to demolish. Love is a tower of Babel.
 You cannot force love let it flow- Joshua Boitt

Monday, 27 July 2015

Abdul Kalam

India Loses a Statesman and a patriot
"All birds find shelter during a rain but eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds." The late, Dr. Abdul Kalam
The road that India has traveled, is what he wanted and hoped for national progressive path.The wings of fire has dims, the flames are no more, but wings of fire flies forth to every Indian soul and heart, crossing boarders. Rest in Peace, Dr. Abdul Kalam. A man man of the people who saw India's page in the world was to be opened and he did open the new page that has many living in reality from his dreams.
Times Now, run the headline , 'ABDUL KALAM NO MORE'
 Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, termed his as 'MARG DARSHAK'
Vice President Hamid Ansari, termed APJ Abdul Kalam as 'A MAN OF MANY HEARTS'
Creative leadership is what he talked more about and that's the new 21st century leadership.
The former president of India, who inspired many and whose words live in lips and in books passes away with his dream of inspiring young minds lit. He lights India in life and well as in his death. Noble citizens creates hope and the government creates education system.
His words of wisdom transcends boarders, 'you have to dream before your dreams come true'
The tool of love and affection to fight corruption is what he saw, he dreamt of corruption removal from youth movement.
Lets live by what he saw, a dream of each one of us, a vision for all. Long live your wordsof inspiration and Rest In Peace. Indian patriot, and a chariot of fire. Rest in Peace, Dr. Abdul Kalam. A teacher , a professor , a scientist ,a president and  a statesman.
Joshua Boitt

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Turning off Airtel SIM application Popup

We are constantly bombarded by all sorts of technological hitch-ups, hiccups, when we need them not but it depends on our perceived response and needs, we choose to stop or accept,  Here is a solution in turning off the Airtel SIM application popup.
Go to Settings - mobile+ SIM- SIM settings- SIM applications - airtel now! - Start/Stop- Stop- airtel now! has been Stopped - OK
You wil receive a message popup AZ-CTANOW..... Airtel Now Flash service has been stopped on your airtel mobile.Thank you for using the service..
Hope it will be helpful but if " symptoms of the notifications persists call airtel customer care..." this is just what I did , its my opinion, I am not an expert, just a village boy trying to get to companies service need not by me ...

Monday, 1 June 2015

Fifa fallout ; beyond shame

Football for thought, is FIFA beyond redemption?
 Who can save the sinking ship, the captain is adrift from reality and ‘owns’ the MV FIFA The death of football is imminent but a hope for a new soccer day will rise when football will be free from some corrupt officials. Can someone remind FIFA officials that FIFA is not football kingship, A Red card for fifa, yellow cards for all the ‘blatters?’
What’s the difference between FIFA and failure?
Taming the tide, I am not timid but team blatter need ‘hawk eye’ to see the blander. The challenge is slowing down and the perception is clear as boom mic behind the goal, recycling same blatter ballot, bullets the ball and FIFA players rule has the twelfth player, its official 11 players plus Blatter, the referee has no whislte and the benchmark is change survival, corrupt officials who are after money, pride and not the cheering.
The voting was a mock , more of a gamble, as a football fan who has been on FIFA screen from 1994 world cup this was betrayal, I dream of FIFA democracy; only two terms for the post of presidency and  below 60 years candidate for FIFA presidency. There should be a FIFA’S spring that will bring revolution in the name of football democracy.
He wasn’t apologetic or ashamed of what happened when he is at the helm… ‘arrested for what ?’ Sepp Blatter… arrested for ruining soccer’s beauty and putting money ahead of the game by some of your officials, bad play. A degree of arrogance and bitterness, anger flashed.
Money the primary focus for the outcome of the boast, hope the world and FBI will flash out those behind FIFA ruins, all in power looks for their interest , revenue ballooned and billions stuck not for football development but officials own greed for power and thus they reign as patronage patriarchs of soccer , they represent their own interest.
Hope sponsors will use their power passion and persistence to sanitize FIFA and bring back the flaming torch and the love of the game. FIFA need readjustment, rebalancing and the ability to adapt to changing times. What happened in FIFA ballot day was like a streaker in the field as fans wait for authorizes to make arrest? The voices of discontent are heard, the  red card  has been flashed out to Blatter and he clings to power in the backdrop of backlash.
FIFA needs restructuring.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Social sites talk, men make mistakes

A girl’s heart is tender, soft and delicate. They are jewels, pearls and affectionate. They are also arrogant, rude and rough when you step on their toes. Just like a flowers they need care, the sun and water to make them happy and grow in love. Show them the way-they will walk majestically, a route to the skies where stars shineth – they will fly. Do not walk in front of her-she will walk away, do not walk behind her she will mislead you, walk by her side- she will hold your arms. That’s an island of affection.
Boys you over speed, like an F1 car, slow down for if you overtake her on chat you will crash her heart. Men you overspend, she will gallop the gifts and go for the simple care and flowers delivered to her window every morning, so be humble and simple, they love it- be yourself. She adds you on face book, be yourself and natural, she adds you on skype, don’t fly with machismo and muscles to show your nudity, be tender , modest and courteous and she discerns what she desires, so stride charily.
Gentle ladies will add you on interpals for language exchange, you men shoot to flirting, do what she is fond of not what you covet, she wants pen pals not boyfriend. Keep arms akimbo with her pace you will reach your destiny on time. On social networking sites she make out you will be friends so walk the talk and keep the tempo, as you mind your language so you will walk into her heart.
Line app (SNS) she adds you this minute the next minute you cry for love, look at yourself. Who is stranger? keep a low profile talk to her kindheartedly like a doves coo, soothingly like seaside breeze and she will close her eyes and come like a penguin, Kakao talk (SNS) she asks you to join, remember the outings and coffee conversations, she can make coffee at home and she came to you so that you can have the coffee talk like Kakao talk so be temperate, gentle like a dolphin, swim alongside not beneath or over, neither in frontage nor at the rear.
The movie actors are no heroes, they act fiction and walks a directors road, talks a scripts dialogue, you are a hero, act natural and the gardens and parks and the wonderful nature outings fill the fiction with reality. Did I say money can’t buy love or friends, yeah, you humility can lead you places be gentle and humble I will sing always and pen when I dream like today.
You over speed and the communication is cut short , the respite is you to blame, the vehicle of affection is stuck in the mud of your talk, so gauge what you share and try to know what she wishes, do not ask for rain when sunshine is high and do not say dusk when its dawn of communication.
Don’t ask for whatsapp in the first day of communication? What is your intention? Even a novice in communication will know! for you will be kicked out soon the same way you came the best way is to make out which way the dove flies to and not which way the cat jumps.
However, girls don’t be rude when they over speed, you will are piling anger, slow them down, you are gentle , teach them to walk , teach them to communicate, if they are arrogant or unconcerned leave them alone and walk your way, you are a river of life ‘tributaries’ will join you and make you a princess, don’t hate for no reason for you will be hated in return, don’t love at momentum for you will thrown at lightning rapidity. Measure your words and don’t use words that sound rude, like… ‘but why you called?’ ‘what’ what do you want? , ‘who are you?’ ‘I am not interested’ and more words maketh communication like clothes maketh man and woman.
This thoughts came to my mind midnight and I penned it at that time, its just my opinion, any comments or additions…subtraction are my take…drop them

Saturday, 23 May 2015


Friendship, deduced from friends, friend +ship - a friend out in the sea tows your burden, in the wake and ensures you cross over the sea without a bridge to the shores of joy. Camaraderie the closeness we have in our social circles. Friends are like stars, they shine but always not around many afar while few are close by, we should strive to build friendship which last for ages (reality) and not for online virtuality. The new media smothers friendship and gives rise to virtual friendship which is like mist.
Virtual friendship has limits, just a flirting feeling, synthetic smile. Remember a friend is real when you are existent, keep at heart and mind too, be selfless, be truthful, and furnish your companionship freely. A true friend denies self comfort. If having a friend means death then resurrection would be getting a genuine friend. That's friendship. True friendship has no limits,is timeless and  priceless. True friendship is denying yourself calm to provide a 'kidney' to a needy friend, being liberal like the sun , shinning to all good and wicked, forgiving those who wrong you, and walking to your enemy to forgive. 
Friends are like stars shining forth for the starry skies, and twinkling for the crickets and fireflies, friendship is a garden and friends are the flowers who make the garden a home for bees and butterflies providing nectar and home and work place for insects.
Connect and communicate online and make sure you make friends and not enemies.
The world would be at peace if we value friends who create friendship.