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Monday, 27 July 2015

Abdul Kalam

India Loses a Statesman and a patriot
"All birds find shelter during a rain but eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds." The late, Dr. Abdul Kalam
The road that India has traveled, is what he wanted and hoped for national progressive path.The wings of fire has dims, the flames are no more, but wings of fire flies forth to every Indian soul and heart, crossing boarders. Rest in Peace, Dr. Abdul Kalam. A man man of the people who saw India's page in the world was to be opened and he did open the new page that has many living in reality from his dreams.
Times Now, run the headline , 'ABDUL KALAM NO MORE'
 Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, termed his as 'MARG DARSHAK'
Vice President Hamid Ansari, termed APJ Abdul Kalam as 'A MAN OF MANY HEARTS'
Creative leadership is what he talked more about and that's the new 21st century leadership.
The former president of India, who inspired many and whose words live in lips and in books passes away with his dream of inspiring young minds lit. He lights India in life and well as in his death. Noble citizens creates hope and the government creates education system.
His words of wisdom transcends boarders, 'you have to dream before your dreams come true'
The tool of love and affection to fight corruption is what he saw, he dreamt of corruption removal from youth movement.
Lets live by what he saw, a dream of each one of us, a vision for all. Long live your wordsof inspiration and Rest In Peace. Indian patriot, and a chariot of fire. Rest in Peace, Dr. Abdul Kalam. A teacher , a professor , a scientist ,a president and  a statesman.
Joshua Boitt