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Monday, 26 September 2011


Finally the day came and the graduation tassel with a mortarboard had to be on my heard,a crown achieved from inspiration efforts and perspiration thanks to all those who made this day come true.
From India with a degree and to Kenya with knowledge,,thanks be to God the Almighty creator of the universe for having made me reach this day...

Saturday, 10 September 2011


                          September 11 
The memories will remain,
the days of the brave hearts cherished,
Terror within our sights ,they love innocent blood
never shall they be victorious
Peace will reign 
the war on terror ,lets fight the culture that instill fear
preach peace from our homes from ,our temples 
our mosques our synagogues .

Rest in peace,long live my people
from ground zero to Georgia, Delhi to Denver
west coast to west Bengal salem Tamil Nadu to Salem Ohio
All young and old condemn terror..and may the white roses shine forth
peace have a place in your hearts ,your homes..

 By Boitt Joshua

Love shadows

                                             Love Shadows
The heart dies a slow death
love lies a white lie
the mind introspect
love a paradise at first
bitter at last.

Happiness a treasures excerpts from love pavilion
lilies white roses red
lotus pink bougainvillea Boitt bright
if only you would have known!
the truth behind the soothing eyes
a wolf in sheep's clothing
a wish you could have known
a regret -heart broken
hope better late than never

The steps under the bridge
love over the clouds
weeping flowers
Bloom happiness.