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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Foreign Correspondent

Also identified as foreign Reporter/ Stringer /Journalist.
He is a liberal journalist who enjoys his/her work and earns more than other journalism,he has freedom and travels more
  • He gives accounts of events reports from a foreign country to a TV station ,radio station or a newspaper, giving facts and what he/she has observed.
  • He/she has a lot of experience as a Special Correspondent
  • Most people living in a foreign country are employed as foreign correspondents
  • Most foreign correspondents are in world famous cities like London (Big Ben), Washington, New York (The Big Apple), Tokyo, Paris, Rome, among other capital cities of the world. As new across the globe are streamed to this cities nowadays because the impact of has immediate response from United Nations, United States of America and world leaders.
  • Foreign correspondents are also now situated in large cities like Rio de Janerio, Moscow, New Delhi, Beijing and Johannesburg. as the  new (BRICS) Countries, Brazil, Russia India, China and South Africa have emerged and are influencing the other global powers, so its  source for news for foreign correspondents.
  • Foreign correspondents follow prominent people especially news makers for example the president of the United States, United Nations secretary general The Queen of England.
Qualifications of foreign correspondent
  1. He should have an experience as a special correspondent 
  2. Courageous; can meet up and talk boldly to eminent people 
  3. Experience journalist; he should have experience in the field of journalism and know the heart beat and the pulse of the many nations and people. 
  4. Historian and encompass Geography knowledge; he should be able to know the countries of the world and well versed with places and people, climates the environment he is working under. 
  5. Half Detective; he should be an investigative reporter and also can be able to talk to down trodden and the highest class so as to get the story. 
  6. Half judge, half lawyer; He /she can know a good story from a formulate one and can be able to argue and drive a point home.
  7. Has the ability to do in-depth reporting 
  8. Above all he should be loyal to his people, the house he is reporting for and the entire humanity
Working of  a foreign correspondent
  • Like a special correspondent a foreign correspondent has to get accreditation so as to work in a foreign country without interference from the laws and authorities of that country.
  • She/he should join different foreign correspondent clubs anywhere he/she is abroad e.g. be a member of reporters without boarders’, working journalist member so as to cross over to territories and report from there with ease, and other prominent organizations that journalist are in so as to get privileges’  as like treated well and can travel with VIPs too.
  • When she/he arrives to a foreign country she/he is issued with a press card so as he can be recognized easily
  • She/he should learn the laws of the host country.
  • She/he should be able to learn different languages with easy thus he/she should be adept journalist; moreover he should learn the national language of the country he is reporting in.
  • He/she should b able to English fluently because it’s an international business language that is essential in every country.
  • He should be able to learn cultures and traditions of the host country so as to behave in a manner that will fit or suit and acceptable the place he is reporting from.
  • A foreign correspondent is given a visa that entitles him/her to travel to different countries and report with ease, thus keeping in touch with embassies abroad as well as his country.
  • He/she should be able to make friends with authorities.
  • While covering report, debates he should be an analyst who can give good judgmental feedback to get a story form sources abroad.
  • He or she gives facts as well his observation in the field as he/she reports.
Examples  foreign Correspondents
a) Christiane Amanpour
b) Wolf Blitzer
c) Richard Quest
d) Isha Sesay

a) Karishma Vaswani
b) Nidhi Dutt
c) Soutik Biswas
d) Bethany Bell

 Note;What is written above is not gospel truth but open to criticism and correction,for journalism students be a god judge and from the internet comments are free so as you take notes see the sources and pick what is fit to give to the society. 
written by Joshua Boitt ,from acquired knowledge in journalism class,being abroad,from Tv ...