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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare,-Anti-corruption activist,Anti-corruption crusader,the man who walked the walk and talked the talk,has won in in India and the world,opened gates to a better future,exposed the nexus between corrupt and politicians,
Mohamed Bouazizi-freed the Arab world,brought the fall of kingdoms,broken the iron fist,chased the 'mouse' out of its hole,..the 'rats 'won we won the middle class won longer rebel or rat but freedom fighters
Martin Luther King Jr-
Mahatma Gandhi-

Monday, 22 August 2011

Fame fades

Money melts, fame fades
Friendship flourishes, blossoms and lives in our hearts
Never a dodo partial extinction, written in the skies 
Hatred steals dignity,leaves the heart void,mouth breathless
Turns the eye left,darken the mind and corrupts the soul
Let your love shine ,give a helping hand to igeneration
Teach them love peace n unity,open their hearts fill their minds 
Why should they discriminate?
Culture teaches not a loop-hole
Tradition threads loose,civilization 0.0
A slave descendant,that's why you shout negro
whats the color of your hair,what about your skin
That's melanin 
Did you paint yourself! God created us equal
Whomever i am makes a distinctness,what you are makes a difference
Then why do you think I am inferior,you are a hero I am a hero
I am a slave - you are a servant
Poor Josh,rich ye
We breathe same air,we speak same international language

Babylon confusion,sin city
I forgive those who wronged me,discriminated me,i felt pain,i fell painful
I am a son of the soil you are a servant you are a pillar of the palace
the chirps for us all,the bees buzz flowers bloom we all happy

hawk eyed, dove-eyed choose today
same destiny different fates
a rose for you a lily for me
lotus for all
Cheer up God Benedict you..Love all.