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Monday, 22 August 2011

Fame fades

Money melts, fame fades
Friendship flourishes, blossoms and lives in our hearts
Never a dodo partial extinction, written in the skies 
Hatred steals dignity,leaves the heart void,mouth breathless
Turns the eye left,darken the mind and corrupts the soul
Let your love shine ,give a helping hand to igeneration
Teach them love peace n unity,open their hearts fill their minds 
Why should they discriminate?
Culture teaches not a loop-hole
Tradition threads loose,civilization 0.0
A slave descendant,that's why you shout negro
whats the color of your hair,what about your skin
That's melanin 
Did you paint yourself! God created us equal
Whomever i am makes a distinctness,what you are makes a difference
Then why do you think I am inferior,you are a hero I am a hero
I am a slave - you are a servant
Poor Josh,rich ye
We breathe same air,we speak same international language

Babylon confusion,sin city
I forgive those who wronged me,discriminated me,i felt pain,i fell painful
I am a son of the soil you are a servant you are a pillar of the palace
the chirps for us all,the bees buzz flowers bloom we all happy

hawk eyed, dove-eyed choose today
same destiny different fates
a rose for you a lily for me
lotus for all
Cheer up God Benedict you..Love all.