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Monday, 15 April 2013

Boston Blasts

The world is watching as Boston finish line, goes up in smoke, terror has struck the heart of sports. Celebration ambiance devastated, the second biggest marathon event in the US shattered but the sport spirit lives on as the people are resilient and together humanity defeat social evils that provoke anger and peace and unity will stand tall.
The Boston Marathon blast has ripped the heart of sports, according to news agencies two people have died and scores injured, the overwhelming rescue -spectators and Boston police who rushed to the scene as it was captured on film.
Who was behind it?  what was the motive is? yet to be established, terror might be behind these attacks, and why on innocent people who have no connection with politics, may God protect humanity and may peace and love reign in every heart so that such scenes don't happen in future.
It’s high time that other Marathon venues need security review and cameras at all lanes, the skies are secure, the manholes window and checks to all bags and people attending this major events.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Beautiful Brazil

Awesome Argentina
Adjective Austria
Beautiful Brazil
Bombastic Brazil
Charismatic Chile
Delicious Denmark
Delightful Denmark
Dominion Dominican
Elevating Ethiopia
Flowery Florida
Gorgeous Georgia
Geil Germany
Honeymoon Hawaii
Indiana India
Ingenious India
Jamming Jamaica
Kindness Kenya
Lovely Lithuania
 Ting Tong Thailand