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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Film and society

The paper analyses how film has impacted the society and shaped the way we view life and its impact to our cultures. Positively and negatively, it has shaped traditions in Asia, Africa and South America brought cultural disparity.
It has contributed significantly to the well being of the society economically and socially eroded the fabrics that once hold the society together. Modernity crawled in along with Western culture and made film a powerful medium of education......................full paper contact

Friday, 12 October 2012

Niqab , Burqa , Hijab

Is it tradition ,religion or Culture ? Come with me as i explore the veils and the dressing code ,trying to give a clear meaning to pent up questions in your mind!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Barack Obama or Mitt Romney

Obama or Romney?
The electorate will settle on the Denver Debate, American people have the say come the polling day.
I watched the debate with bathed breath, Obama is the President, Romney the Governor and Mr president got a punch, but focused. Obama looked tired troubled nevertheless, the oval office has a lot to bestow for four years battling the recession, War in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Arab spring the Syrian crisis, unemployment this must have taken toll to the man who has, in his leadership brought change from Washington to West Bengal, from New York to Nairobi, Alabama to Aurangabad .A message of hope. He has worked so hard than any other president in recent history .He is a man to deliver America from the troubles and tribulations.
Obama was not relaxed as Romney but that’s what it takes to make a turbulent time in office when republicans votes down your proposal because of partisanship, when the other see the log in your eyes and shot down you plans, he unites and you divide. It is the change that begun in Washington that needs you and me to work for a better world, where education will be for all the poor and rich alike. Affordable healthcare for the poor and no exploitation from health insurance who reap where they have not sown..
He is a good orator, speech maniac but in the Denver debate ,Mitt Romney gave a punch and capitalized on what Obama said ,he bring into play and choose his word carefully but no specifics ion how he will deal with the proposed plans he intend to make in tax cuts and defense only generalization its 8 am here in India and I still have confidence in Barack Obama he can deliver he will make the world a safer place if Republicans and democrats work together a safer America,there would be  no hounding for the tyrants, dictators and the presidents who cling to power till they die in harness ,
Democracy has risen and the world is changing and has altered during the reign of Obama, nevertheless we still have a mile to travel for those with conflicting ideology.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Crush or love at first sight

Is it crush or crash?
Ever had a crush? She asked mmmh! yes.. tête-à-tête begun. The flowers are in bloom and the journey of love begins at a tender age, the young and old alike. Whomever loves hates, but as life develops hatred comes with pride love come with pride too and the love of everyone has a beginning, crush - we die and never say it but I got a style of saying it, in India, if a girl has a crush what she does, majority die with it,I went Underground in my journalism sting operation to get you answers and at the end of this article I will give you the feedback of what I got...
The youth are more affected, the definition of love is complex- a labyrinth, puppy love is viral it affects you and me and infects the society which fight tame the youth nevertheless, youth culture rules! it is global, its online, crossing boarders’ over the internet who will stop it
The definition of crush is ABC, all know but the meaning is acknowledged differently in every culture, creed.
Crush can be termed as calf love or infatuation but the end justifies the means- its love in your mind, love at first sight. You share it with friend, a mother and on the new social networking sites, i.e facebook you tell it all as a comment, a like is for a friend, a comment on a photo of the opposite sex is a crush, your keep on revisiting it and at the end you find no answer to it, just stick to your principles, the right person for you is coming!
   defines crush as temporary love of an adolescent, it goes on to give the other synonyms of crush-as puppy love, calf love or infatuation.
I have had a crush...oh! Crushes, I will mention the ones I had secret admiration to home and abroad, it all begun with the first crush in 1989, Maureen rule my mind a decade . Crush is a disease, then came the parent issue and I had to let it go..The second is Petronellah who later defined my crush coz I mentioned it and….,  ok I shall give you all 20+ names if you give your experience I promise to just give one name on my feedback ,the ball on your court
Ever had a crush? , give feedback to my mail, so that I can explore different crushes and reaction from around the world and compile a better article for you and views. In my next article. You will just type (Joshua Boitt Crush) on your google tab and see it, it will take you to my blog.
Is it a crush or love ask him/her ?