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Saturday, 23 May 2015


Friendship, deduced from friends, friend +ship - a friend out in the sea tows your burden, in the wake and ensures you cross over the sea without a bridge to the shores of joy. Camaraderie the closeness we have in our social circles. Friends are like stars, they shine but always not around many afar while few are close by, we should strive to build friendship which last for ages (reality) and not for online virtuality. The new media smothers friendship and gives rise to virtual friendship which is like mist.
Virtual friendship has limits, just a flirting feeling, synthetic smile. Remember a friend is real when you are existent, keep at heart and mind too, be selfless, be truthful, and furnish your companionship freely. A true friend denies self comfort. If having a friend means death then resurrection would be getting a genuine friend. That's friendship. True friendship has no limits,is timeless and  priceless. True friendship is denying yourself calm to provide a 'kidney' to a needy friend, being liberal like the sun , shinning to all good and wicked, forgiving those who wrong you, and walking to your enemy to forgive. 
Friends are like stars shining forth for the starry skies, and twinkling for the crickets and fireflies, friendship is a garden and friends are the flowers who make the garden a home for bees and butterflies providing nectar and home and work place for insects.
Connect and communicate online and make sure you make friends and not enemies.
The world would be at peace if we value friends who create friendship.

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