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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Kenya at Crossroads

The challenging of living state of affairs, a reminiscent of Kenya trying to be Switzerland, a mock to the abject poverty that citizens lives in. The flag bearing governors motorcade with constitutional crisis looming. Fat cows earn millions, cash cows pay tax, when will they reap a reward? The turntables tumble, no good music, lawmakers, senate and the governors at all out war. The only solution- tame them at the ballot and new constitution reduce the number of the three arms to be 250 in total.

The heavy burden of the constitution crunch into a huge chunk, positions created for vote-banks, policies that favor cronies and cronyism rules. The Governors cry foul, with no sense of direction, but smart ideas of global trips that rip taxpayers pockets they are fighting not for the people but for new SUVs, the luxury culture risen, even the blind bat can see.

Moreover, an aimless struggle for the common man and hopes the constitution can be changed , amended or even overhauled, its bulky and not fit for a 50 year old nation but let’s look where we erred,...created positions and no money. Being critical on the way things are run but remember the image is clear, and the cynics see the object in the mirror.

It is distressing and disturbing that our policies pointless, they enhance the problems rather than solving. Corruption, cronyism, tribalism are ripe in our institutions’, education system is partly to blame and the roster (media) doesn’t crow- a part of the predicament as seen in propaganda they disseminate and listen to the self-made elites and prank debates, shows and programmes. No plans, no agenda but a show-case of self-made tacticians of theory in the name of public meetings, a mere sham and the civil service invited in public meetings while the common men and women who toil hard are left out.

Vision 2030 a hoax and now camouflaged in a dream that yields no fruits but thorns, the short sighted policy makers live not in the present but in the past. They are theoretical policy makers who name storm universities and education backgrounds pick up degrees and bring up systems that stall economic growth.

May the burdens be loose, Kenyans live in peace and harmony, may their sweat be wiped away and their struggle be rewarded by good governance and policies that will embolden efforts help them discover and live in their dreams. In the words of Albert Einstein, ‘ one... cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it... you must learn to see the world anew.’ Long Live Kenya!



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