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Friday, 8 March 2013

Strength of a woman

By Joshua Boitt.
We praise heroes every day, but we forget to eulogize heroines, the world progresses by an invincible hand which continue to reach out, mend the net of peace and harmony.
Whether the Peruvian woman in a South African prison giving birth she cares for her child upright, The tears of refugee aged 105 from Syria across the border ,her cries resonates the motherly love, for she remembers those who suffer in the hands of men she sees bodies and yearns for peace as men wage war.
I salute women, their grand efforts unfettered, their strength unmatched, as they march into the eye of centuries of male subjugated society they subdue all obstacles, pick a spot for future posterity for children. May women grow strong to marshal a promising tomorrow!
Men rule women lead, every touch sparks a success, and for every woman’s advice gratitude grows in the family. Motherly love forever remembered. Mothers sacrifice their moment in life and pride to take us across the bridge of time, they trudge the cold slopes of gender stereotype to guide, love, and care. Grandma’s simple night stories by the fire touches our hearts, the delicacy from the kitchen keep us alive.
Every inspiration springs out a womans’ heart, for a complete movie a woman is at the helm, happiness stems out of woman. A man builds’ a house, women built a home, they share responsibilities and create infinite possibilities for intricate opportunities in a man’s life.
Rising with kitchen smoke to kings throne of power,let sgive girls opportunities. Hillary Clinton, Condoleza Rice, Dilma Rouseff, Mother Teresa continues to bring inspiration to every girl opening the hall of female destiny that awaits them. Rise young girls take you position in the society and forever skies will be added with butterflies and flowers not only soccer balls and kites.
As a man walked he is proud because there is a woman. For every courageous man on the stage there is a whisper of woman urging him to go! Go!
May the chains of gender stereotypes be broken and a 50/50 society where all have equal career opportunities and a platform to accomplish dreams. Rise young women Rise!