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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Mary Abigail Schmitz , Joshua Boitt- Poems

Joshua Kipkemoi Boitt

Melodious merry morn, lovely chirrup
The orange orb rising hails Indian summer
Sun burns, summer syrup
Parched land, bemoan Indian farmer
Nesting the cave walls, parrot preys
Cirrus clouds obscure sunrise
Echoes a Buddhist prayer hall, monk prays
The misty valley, secures sunrays
The Taj of Deccan towers, alighted soft morn
Arsul dam breezes, Aurangabad caves breathes heat wave
‘Poor man’s Taj’ of love, forever mourn

The red ball descending, beyond the mighty dusk,
 Birds heading east, squirrels climb down, a lofty task
Lonely sunset gliding, washing away sorrows
Gladly glowing, lovely dulcet
Far afield western coast, a promise of a new dawn
Boitt Sleeps, Abigail wakes, Aurangabad-New York world afar

Reaching, stretching, far as it can
Up over the horizon; illuminates the land
Fingers of purple and heart of gold
Waking all people; young and old
Silently announces the start of the day
Bursting with promise
Chases the darkness away

Slowly drifting
Down and down
Under the branches
Warming the ground
Resting its rays for tomorrow's light
Slowly, slowly
Out of sight