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Friday, 8 March 2013


Viva Uhuru,Uhurismo. Viva Uhuru Kenyatta!,the 4th president of  Kenya
Comandante en jefe de las fuerzas armadas de la República de Kenya-The commander in chief of the armed forces of the the Republic of Kenya.
The son of the founding father of Kenya,Uhuru rose through the ranks being endorsed in 2002 for presidency by the second president of Kenya and he has been in reserve warming up for the big day and has been the deputy prime minister of Kenya since 2008.And finally the day came the long awaited day as Kenyans waited for five days to know the 4th Commander, Viva Kenyans for your patience,I salute you all!
A long waited ambition has come to fruition as the charismatic son of Jomo Kenyatta rise to the throne,a man of the people,the day is calm and jubilation echoes across the mountains,from the tip of Mount Kenya to India,
A dream has yielded fruits and the Nation has chosen, UHURUTO Coined for the ultimate goal and this is the moment to unite Kenyans and all tribes which had been polarized by tribalism this is the big moment,heal Kenya UHURU and RUTO. God guide you and bless you as you take oath to defend our nation.
A long walk,a journey through the wilderness and finally the promised land is here,deliver us as we walk with you,the fruits are ripe,the grapes are ripe and we will work in the farm and bring all abode for the harvest need hard work,the second Journey marching to the walls of 'JERICHO' Foreign affairs ,tourism and ministry of education needs an overhaul to steer forth the economy.
I swear to serve my nation even if i have to do it free of charge i will work for my country and make it the paradise of  Africa,rise Kenya Rise. Peace love and unity to all Kenyans.
Congratulations (President) Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and (Vice President)William Samoei Ruto, deliver Kenya from economic crisis and make it a tourist,economic hub in Africa.