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Thursday, 6 October 2016

US Consul General , Thomas L. Vadja

Interacting with US Consul General , Thomas L. Vadja was a blessing for did he know I was celebrating my 8th year at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, exactly 8 years ago I entered the department as a junior journalism student. little did I know that the journey will take me places while giving me courage to face challenges. His interaction with media students was the highest honor, looking forward to ignite my American dream and reach forth to the backyards of my cradle of mankind land Africa.
                                         Thomas L. Vadja, U.S Consul General, Mumbai.
                                                  Far Right , Prof. Sudhir Gavhane.
Thomas Vadja is creative and passionate about journalism students and he is a family man who talked about his daughters dream of having free choice and pursuing what they love most. He is half-journalist half-diplomat with his charismatic sense of humanity. He cooled me down from my fiery question about race and discrimination and also what would Donald Trump Presidency mean to the world and USA interests abroad, if he takes office?  he found my question and gave me answers diplomatically and personally, from his viewpoint.
                                           Thomas L. Vadja, U.S Consul General, Mumbai.
  Audience,Journalism Students of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad
He spoke more on Higher Education; Challenges and Opportunities, which is the quest of every students who aspire to pursue their dreams despite and inspite of challenges from cultural background  and economic background. He added that the United states assist many students and thus his office would serve the interest of all who dream to pursue their dreams in the United States.
Hope that will meet him again to interact more in India. Long Live his dreams.
                                        From left, Joshua Boitt, Thomas L. Vadja, U.S Consul General, Mumbai.
                                    Prof. Sudhir Gavhane
, Heidi Hattenbach of U.S Consulate Mumbai.
Little did I realize my dream will make me meet such great personalities and be at the Indian Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi to discuss African students issues, while drafting a letter to the Prime Minister and President of India and be at both offices June 2016, 
I see the world at peace and war at itself, I strive to reach forth to all while fearing none. 
The leadership opportunities; being Kenya African Students (KASA) President Aurangabad chapter for six years helped me reach forth into the human endevours of aspiring to assist all those who face discrimination at any place in India and beyond anytime. I have faced the worst kind of discrimination, still strive to find questions to ask to why world leaders are silent.
 The world  hates us while our lives matter and black lives matter. The answers to my question about  racial discrimination were well answered and hope to ask more questions to maybe to the United states ambassador to India and probably President Obama and the next United States president.
As long as I live hope to pose the same questions to African presidents at the African Union. I die everyday from discrimination in the streets and many places, which created a new Boitt Paranoia Disorder (BPD), which is a quest for finding answers about  Black African race around the world why the world doesn't love African race. On the quest for recreates Boitt Paranoia Order BPO which suggest the world human color color conscious while the only prescription is totell it as it is anytime anywhere and silent no more.