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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Flash Mob

A flash Mob is defined a pass time bustle in which a group of people (mob)in an hazy time decide to entertain by surprise other group of people with songs, music , poetry or any activity in an outdoor place, in a shopping mall, supermarket or hypermarket. It can be in a stadium or public space where there is a gathering.

A flash (quick) like light that appears and disappears, mob- organised or unorganised group of people

Flash Mob idea has taken the young generation by storm as it becomes the order of the day in many cities around the world. Is it a time pass activity, or is it a uniting activity which brings songs poetry and music for the love of sharing hobbies in a free time. 

Flash mob has become a source of entertainment and it has taken authorities by surprise which in turn can be a security concern as the world has become insecure thus a flash mob applies the element of surprise to the owners of the public space.

The concept has its origin in the north Americas.

A flash mob can also be termed as ‘flare crowd’ which is controlled by a quest entertain a multitude in a public place using an facet of shocker.