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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Arnab Goswami

November 2016
Arnab Goswami ...resigns from times tv
Twitter....Tata ...Times Now ...
Three top bosses quit in a Week
Arnab's resignation strikes me ...
I stay unbalanced , it's news to me ,
I stay untuned, News Hour I will miss
Since eight years I watched him ..
I had fear of unknown , I feared the politicians
I feared the police, I was afraid of those who intimidated me for my background and Africa. Origin
I was a trembler in front of bosses
I stood fear over courage ,
I was a bachelor's degree boy
I couldn't face today
I feared tomorrow
I was the moss that rolling stones gathered
Time now ...from Times Now Tv
I am fearless , I face tomorrow by handling today
I faced the racism wrath with three letters to president and prime minister of India with a heart of the people
I follow the the letters I quit not
I twitted courageous about  Jacob Zuma in Goa for his role to tell BRIC S nations to fight racism , he fights in brics or south Africa quit brics countries,
Arnab put the nation at peace with Africa in his debate on racism he was fearless...
I face the Times I live , for Arnab Goswami taught me with fire of journalism
He made me fearless
I have common commited journalism sense
I learnt to shoot the politicians with a camera
I walk head held hight n put them on the wall
A popular not a populist
I fear none and respect all
Arnab the war of journalism has begun till the fourth and fifth estate becomes independent
I cry for a new way and new day that journalism will be free from shackles of owners , gate keepers and politicians
When journalism will liberate Allepo and Mosul not only reporting
I became courageous because of you Arnab Goswami
I spoke for India I will speak for Africa
I knew them ,politicians and if I don't ask tough questions they lie and I find lies in the wordings which you crafted and turned me a new leaf
I hold those who mislead responsible
I draw courage from you,
I stayed back in india because of you
I realized bachelors degree will make me be bought easily and be a mouthpiece of my bosses, media owners
I plucked courage to game on in journalism now a researcher from Kenya 9 years in India
Africa I come but will meet Arnab to tell him thank you for giving me courage to take trains and go to corridors of power
To stop anyone from fooling the public
To all young media students , don't be silent
Shout out in your schools , colleges backyards
Villages towns hamlets cities states provinces countries and go for the truth not neutral
Don't give up ,follow the ethics not the money
Don't be a celebrity journalist be a critic to every crooked way, don't walk away when confronted walk in, get them from their words , do research read wide (media law )and make the society a better place , make peace with all and war with courage to encourage and put them that divide people on the spot , the time is now walk head held high.
Equip your minds with knowledge and wisdom Long live young generation be the rolling journalist that gathers truth,be the stone not the moss.
I am no longer neutral but I strive for truth
I dream of liberation in journalism
Long live arnab
Long live journalism ,
Joshua boitt .....
Courage reignited