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Monday, 24 April 2017

Malaria Vaccination a medical minefield, African children a lab for world pharmaceuticals

Vaccination in Africa is a medical minefield .Potential depopulation agent if not a laboratory trial or you name it ,I was got a polio vaccine when I was thirty traveling to India on my second trip and since then I have had problems with vaccines , please give me a break , Africa is not a lab and why the rich children don't get vaccines, I have a question did any African president got compulsory polio before traveling to India in 2015 for Indo-African Summit ? since I got the drop in May 2014?.if your answer is yes and you have prove  then Let Ghana , Kenya and Malawi be a lab for malaria vaccine in 2018, I will start a petition to stop it till our own doctors approve it , till the children of the west get the same vaccine in our own backyard , let equality in the eyes of vaccination prevail or else Africa risks unknown path to its children ' Is it a conspiracy theory or a population reduction reality , I have begun a search for truth behind vaccination , God save Africa from world pharmaceutical peril  , please Kenyan president , Ghanaian and Malawi president don't accept vaccine before we verify its content and put it on the table of African union.
My open question..can the WHO ask India, Russia .. USA and China about jabbing its children with Malaria Vaccine ? Assuming it's a mosquito prone country ... Why do Africa fall a prey of pharmaceutical products test? African doctors answer me?  I may look controversial but remember they can't jab their children with same malaria vaccine jab why ours ?
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It's a quick article and making a concept paper. A research paper and policy paper month ...
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