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Tuesday, 20 June 2017


The fastest man on the planet if not earth then , in living memory. The fastest man alive, the fastest man in this century.


Usain Bolt, rose from the soil and walked a path that normal child will dream of treading but being the fastest on the planet is a dream that every athlete will dream of but not achieve. He is the greatest athlete ever to live in Olympic history and having hit a triple triple in three Olympics is a dream that only one man did and has done, the Jamaican humble boy has inspired many and made the dream bar higher that any living track and field knows it takes a century to dream of if not life time.

He bolts out in style in home soil in cheering crowd and reggae hometown, his signature style does cover all the ways of a true legend.

If the world was to run the bolt will walk. He bows out later this year and does leave a legacy that I am lucky to have watched and seen, I will cherish the memories and live to tell the tale.

Usain Bolt you have inspired many and please make a trip to Africa meet the dreamers of whom you have made smiles shine on their faces, welcome to Kenya and hope to see you alive before I also bow down in a cheering style.

The greatest of all times in the track events.