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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Iphone 'TEN' not 'ECKS' X, The New Revolution in the Smart Phone World

The long awaited Iphone 'Ten' NOT (X)'ecks' is here and the (OLED) Organic Light Emitting Diode is a an attraction to the enthusiasts who yearn to get their  faces recognized in the new features of the Iphone Ten. Three Launches at a go, a choice of space and Money rocks the Iphone enthusiasts. 

The Iphone Samsung war is on! Will it be a brand trust of the the features, the ball rolls to the users, as New Note 8 of the Samsung world sings along the new launch.

When will the smartphone rush stop, who will blink first, who will win the race?

Was the leak a strategy to push for its release or was it too early to launch? The end game is that its coming to the users hands,with the all-round display without the usual button , the much awaited augmented reality finally is no longer a dream but a reality in the phone world.

Do consumers understand all the nomenclature or just status symbol and the celebrity status of the smart advanced technology world? At about a thousand dollars its still a far reach for developing world consumers who will take the lead after the market price subsides at the end of the year a trend emulated since.

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