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Friday, 24 June 2011


A blog is  an individual diary,where we can preach to the world what we have in our  minds,we can update our daily struggles.
Its a form of new media,in that it has encompass creation of content,publishing and sharing of the same content with friends families,neighbors and the world.A platform for sharing texts,audios and videos.
Its a channel on its own, broadcasting arena.If you have the flair of writing open a blog and start sharing to the world what you have ,you career what you like whether adventure cooking food,cycling,..oh! all your hobbies can be updated daily.No more DIARY
Its a writers mind put in one place .
A political pulpit,where you can share you ideologies never stop thinking,governments crumble to dust as we learn that democracy is our freedom we deserve and let's inform an impart knowledge through blogs to all those who are not tech savvy.The blog is an awakening dulcet,its the last sunset and an eyeopener.
Minds of the world.
Its our wall,from the toilet writings to a wall in space no more writing on the walls scribble in your blog,you own it you control.Where we can write ,articles essays features and contemporary happenings in the society.
It contains a  network linked form coast to coast from port to port Africa to Asia.A true media,a roller-coaster of journalism visiting the traditional media inviting it into the modern media.
Its an expansion of our minds and the mental box for Intellectuals and common folks alike.
Its my journalism amok.
Its  sends  cold shivers  to White House let alone the Kremlin..Its has been shut and opened ..its is monitored and censored but shall live to awaken the masses...a silent predator in abyss,a shark in the deep a stealth bomber in the skies..long live a blogger to bring change just like the vegetable seller (Mohamed Bouazizi)who has shone in the Arab world change is for sure .A candle of Change.
A news source, a news breaker...collective news box.
A new form of journalism. be a blogger now!

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