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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Christian Arabs

They live in the Middle East and across the Arab world.They are followers of Christ.They live with our brothers the Muslims.
I was touched by the heartfelt warm reception,that I got when I met a Kurd from Northern Iraq here in India-wonderful people,the perception I got before was different about Islam, but now I can say the are caring and loving.Few elements in the name of  Islam spoil their names,but majority are my people.
Who are these few? ...Taliban,Alqaeda,..I urge them to preach peace and prosperity and shun war..
Pray for those living in Northern Iraq with whom are persecuted because of their religion,pray for the Christians in Egypt with whom are  victims of their faith,pray for peace and may the world be of a religion of brotherhood and care..peace be upon each one of you you are a sister i am your brother we are on WE ARE ONE WORLD!