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Thursday, 2 June 2011


Tea a slow poison,toxic chemical, we have made our morning breakfast,lest we forget its addictive.Come out of her my people,slow withdrawal,and the headaches,the urge will die down.We have made a habit of drugging ourselves everyday,"teacaholic" we dig our graves with a sip,keeping our minds intoxicated,slow death as we induce different brands into out bodies,it changes the normal working of our bodies and ,nicotine,caffeine -caves our stomachs,ignorance,aah!,we utter ..a sip and friends cup steams high.Less tension,for sleep,for concentration for pleasure as you say...its killing you,destined to sleepless nights,lack of concertration, dizziness and withdrawal syndrome without it
Digging our graves with out tongues,burying ourselves while closing our eyes with the morning tea sips...