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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Coaching classes

Coaching classes lacks learning etiquette. Some christen it tuition classes, classified as it blends but public in a sense that teachers from public schools and private coach here. Education system dwindling this is a cracked version of basic education hooded business its money matters 0.0
Coaching classes is a predator praying on the once traditional and contemporary smart system of learning a divergence to abyss. Branded teachers idle and teaches less on route to tap on the lucrative business by referring students to these coaching classes. Opening flood gates of education as a corporation rather an institution of learning.
Private tuition's encompass knowledge flea market bait that erodes the prestigious academic angle and dilutes knowledge. It is better to be an average student rather than a coaching class graduate
Its legitimacy needs research and lines drawn by the ministries of education.
Tapping money from naive parents in pretext of structuring a career the department of education has a scheme afoot to ameliorate this menace before we acquire a product of pass not excellence...
Who will do the fact finding mission to crack this cycle that erodes the academic world
If the department of education cannot initiate credibility then tauten schooling to fit UNESCO and universal standard’s but always keep vigil on quality.
Employers have a multitude of graduates but find incompetency extensive .this is coaching classes
The flowers of education are wilting, tides of career shifting lacking creativity, a way into a bright future- students have become victims of ambitions 
A first class honors’ and a third class mind without recognition
Coaching classes an institution without a center of gravity: by Joshua Boitt

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