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Monday, 20 June 2011

10 beautiful,busiest,biggest

The world is an escalator some going up some coming down,where are you heading to? where is you nation headed to?
I took to the skies for the first time in September 2008 and each day there is a new  air passenger born,the future is here as as the world gears to launch the first transparent passenger aircraft in 40 years time, fly and twit with the swallows and dive with the eagles
The world offers pleasures but for a moment,the downturn of the economies comes at a cost as everyday we build big,we are busy and we want the most beautiful things.
Here are some of the 10 best performers as of the news from different places,with my blog readers and contributors from across the globe I will offer images of some of the places....


 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport,is the most busiest airport in the world  and most efficient till date,more will rise as Dubai and China braces itself for airport expansion the East rises each day.
O'Hare International Airport Chicago, follows suite
  Los Angeles International Airport..and United states rises above
Forthworth international airport...Shines with Dallas USA..CHINA 
Beijing Capital International Airport,China is coming watch out!
Tokyo International Airport,rising from the Earthquake,and nuclear disaster her they stand still
United  Kingdom
Heathrow stands out in the Euro zone and still the largest biggest.. The French. cannot be left out as the memories of its engineers who headed west years ago towers like Charles de Gaulle International airport 
Spain Barajas Airport..,
Frankfurt Hong Kong International Airport 
Dubai..where are others in the top 20....these are the creme de la creme