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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Flower Behind a girl's letf or right ear

Romantic fairy tale that men ought to know when a girl prettify herself with  Gerberas flower behind her right ear  gives the impression of being  in search for a boyfriend or rather a lover .
The human heart beats 72 times a minute but in this case when the girl walks in town with a flower in her right ear probably it will beat more than that because she knows when a man glance at her and the flowers then that’s the moment .Luckily many youngsters or rather gentlemen and even girls are not familiar with the symbolism of the flower either. A mythical, affectionate license. Romantic island. Love has flowered
Romance since time immemorial, I can recall those days in Kenya when young girls would place flowers around there ponytails and it was breathtaking and in this age of alternate media the ever rising status of relationship marshal new meaning.
When a young woman adorns a flower on her left ear means she is taken or in relationship, that’s where her heart lies.
The romantic myth of flowers behind the ear is more common in Hawaii than in any other place but luckily I spotted some in India just 2011 and 2012.
The kind and colour of the flowers doesn't matter but the most common flowers are gerberas, hibiscus roses, lilies, plumeria.
A girl beautify herself with her favorite flower, but beauty lies in the beholders’ eye, attractiveness in the abstract cannot obstruct men I am watching you. Its beauty that shine forth and one befall the center of attraction.
Sunset beyond her eyes.