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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

George Saitoti

In this file photo : Second president of Kenya Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi 1978-2002 and late ex Vp  Prof George Saitoti in a pensive mood.
Prof Saitoti died in an helicopter crash June 10 2012 as Kenya's security minister,rest in peace.
Kenya's aviation industry on the radar once  more the same day same month June 10 2008 we lost  members of  Kenyan parliament Lorna Laboso and Kipkalya Kones.
Kipkalya which translates peace in Kipsigis language.
We have lost ministers and prominent politicians people at the prime age of their lives in two chopper crash .May your souls rest in peace as we foregather to investigate the cause of the crash.But one thing for sure aging Kenya's fleet ,or unmaintained choppers ,bogus procurement of police vehicles too..and many other things from the east..!!!! I will shout out in this mouth pieces just a draft of events..From India I wail.