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Monday, 21 May 2012


Didier Drogba, the final ingredient to Chelsea’s delicacy. Thomas Muller thought they had the Champions league cup in amass, only to become conscious that he is a doubting Thomas a revisit to the old times. Drogba the Ivorian  trumps again and for those with qualms caught a glimpse the cup being lifted in Allianz Arena.
In Drogba’s own words, “I think today was written long time ago”
Oh! I wrote it long time ago in 2007 in the East African Standard newspaper that one day , our quest will come to fruition and through Barcelona’s road to finals we made it. The tears of Moscow wiped away, the swiftness of Peter Cech made way, to a dejected Bayern fans.
Pedro Pinto if CNN said, ‘final for the ages’ it’s a cup that takes decades to touch.
We planted flowers at Allianz arena and the blue flowers germinated from memories of freezing Moscow to breezing in Munich.
The cock of the walk, the team at the roof of the world. For the last ten years-tears, tension but finally tranquility and finally my reward as a Chelsea craze came not by wind but by fire. Didier Drogba baptized Bayern Munich in their backyard.
The ultimate victory for Roman Abramovic- Army shot at arms length, put out of your mind the beauty of the game and set out for victory, Chelsea played what they had to, tactical match.
Thank you Chelsea, veni vidi vici!!!!
Blue in blood ,blue forever -Joshua Boitt (India)