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Monday, 4 July 2011

Female Foeticide

Imagine a world without women!

Dowry a social evil. This is the cause of female foeticide in India.
Fetal homicide in the world as a result of the infamous protected sex, we kill millions and we are fated to die. Let's go back to Eden.

The girl child sold for sex, she is deprived of the opportunity to live. To see the hope of the day, aborted when young...why! The society has no admiration, nix pity it's brutal

We are doomed to perish, crime continues,Doctors where are you? Where is the 'best' constitution?  To protect unborn children. When I see the black plastic bags on the banks of sewers I die. Lucky to live. Rivers cry! Surely their blood is on your heads you are condemned to death, for supporting abortion, infanticides.

God created male and female one and the same.
Why then the big fat weddings and then justify death to avert dowry payment, of the world you will leave and depart as you came out of your mother womb naked you will die male or female.
 Heart pound when expecting a female child, it's the social evil, dowry structure that needs amendment.

Femme fatales, walk the ramp, male counterparts drive them, behind the scenes as a product and object of sex. They turn to bloodbath when its female child, want them when ripe-wolf turn sheep
 Girl child-neglected in poverty stricken areas. Used when vulnerable and na├»ve as prostituted in metros' and cities.  The government has a scheme afoot to shun feticide while the child cries.
The sex ratio in 10 years to come is projected to be 1000 males per 500 born female, the blissful dream of fat weddings will be tethered...obsession for a male child an asset  driving abortion-DOOMSDAY.

Abortion,foeticide/infanticide is a crime against human dignity,bars prosperity,illustrates ignorance...hell awaits you. Who will fight?

Ultra sound clinics should be shut and criminalize, sex selection/detection too.
Dowry should not be a mutual consent. Men should pay dowry. by Joshua Boitt