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Monday, 18 July 2011

Blackburn Rovers FC Indian Trip Postponed

Sizzling,sensational  a trip of a life time for football fans across India it will be the first English team to play on Indian soil .But the cancellation is a blessing in disguise for the preparation on the ground was in a mess.
The football craze who were to travel for across the globe its a moment  to watch and wait for another day.
A land of cricket,welcomes soccer,from all walks of life to the Shiv Chahhtrapati Sport Complex..was to be the venue the venue at Balewadi in Pune.Friday July 22,2011 but the Scotland Yard is reportedly to have issued a travel advisory in the wake of Mumbai serial blast this month.
Complementary tickets for children and celebrities alike as it per sources is a story.
Another day another way. OWE! OWE!.OOOO!!Long live soccer.