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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Rich Indian Coast

The vast Arabian sea and the the never ending marvelous Indian Ocean has its say as Richest Indians cruise and dine from coast to coast.Port to port. 
Mumbai to Goa with Yachts from Europe.Who flexes the muscles? those who can fly.
I was sunbathing along the Alibag beach midway between Goa and Mumbai From a distance the ocean c one thing caught my eye ..a  dream liner a yachts maybe hydrofoil I guessed.My dream in the wake of my trip gazing into the future.
A tip of an iceberg,the Indian Empress rules Indian West Coast,Designed in Europe assembled in Africa.It takes the fastest man in the world 8 seconds to run along the Luxury Cruise.Owned by Vijay Mallya,the King Fisher Baron.
That's one but in more than 50 Cruise ships and yachts that rich Indians Own.Behind the rich with longest yachts lies Germany.
A list of some of the best and longest yachts...Eclipse,Al Salamah, Dubai,Octopus ,Salem Alexander,Atlantis II, Luna Al Mirqab aka Indian Empress, Palladium,Asean Lady (Chinese).This is a wind from the mainstream media  I am on board.
The rich cruises the poor surf. Catamaran cuts the wake of the Indian empress water splashes. I follow the wake with the dolphins my eyelids wet,more to come.Build it bigger bolder and best..Remember Allure of the seas rules the waters.
Off to my Boitt Raft