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Monday, 21 March 2011

Kenya My country

Our government should be open and ready to listen to the voices of the common man and the millions who toil to see that the nation has reached the summit of development and freedom.It should also help the people with whom democracy cannot be thumbs up if not for their small finger ,but why should our people bite the bullet while the leaders dine in mansions? Tell me.....why?
Give the Fourth Estate (press) of the society a chance and the sail to freedom is imminent otherwise we cannot sail without a ship lest we forget Jonah and the big fish.
My lamentation comes with the systematic threat from terror groups around the glob and piracy in high seas off the coast of Somalia and the entire horn of Africa.Yes we have security in our nation Kenya but what about the net/porous border from Mandera to the Indian ocean.Are we out of the hood yet?
In the face of terror we have to be alert as chamois, open our eyes like the bald eagle,soar like hawk and sleep with one eye open.Embrace the true spirit of humanity in the wake of threats and treat people as your friend without intimidation.Misconception of patriotism and disloyalty lie in brink of the urgency,we presume that we are safe when the sun shine but what about in darkness?Burn the midnight oil and act on threats while the moon shines to keep the sky-scrapers safe for you ,me and the visitors to our nation.
Let us embrace the spirit of oneness and bury the hatchet of post election violence.We have Kenya to build for posterity,we have our neighbourhood to assist and bring their house in order so that when our poultry cross the fence they will tell you and not be shot at sight.
We don't need drones neither do we need spy plane but we need peace of heart and minds if we have to succeed in living in peace and harmony.
Our faces should bear the spirit of oneness.loyalty and willingness to trust and give information to keep our motherland safe from that despise freedom.

Solidarity forever

Long live Kenya-Joshua Boitt