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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Janjira Fort

Janjira is an island fort along the western Indian Coast,in Maharashtra state.about 150km South of Mumbai..and 300km  from Goa.
Janjira fort survives till this day,never conquered by the British nor any of the invaders of India,with the salty waters  of the ocean surrounding it and the borehole in janjira offers sweet waters..amazing.It overlooks the village of Murud..and is believed to be occupied by Ethiopian and traders from Africa..
Janjira Fort
Janjira can be accesed by Dhows or sail boats,20 Indian rupees per head.
Janjira fort bastions..
Rusting Cannons
The British invaded..the fort...Shivajis too but they all 1947..The fort a state..When we visited it (2010) It is in ruins and the bastions stand tall mashed by the sea,the cannons rusting,the palaces no more.the mosque too and it cries out to conservationists to preserve its past glory..along the Konkan coast.
The main gate is visible when you approach the fort and a view of Rajapuri is visible from there where it faces

Janjira Main Gate

 A school near Janjira Fort

My friends

Atop Janjira..overlooking
Rajapuri village