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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Japan Tsunami

The memories of 2004 Indian ocean Tsunami fades not and living till date,natures fury comes and disaster strikes at the heart of peace,why! no one knows.We need to offer prayers for the people of Japan in this hard times to calm the stormy shores and banks.
Hang on Japan,foot bravely. 
The threat of radiation looms and power plants explosions and radioactive leakage heightens.People living near these places are affected,its time to join hands and the United Nations and the rest of the world should offer immediate help.
Peace and calm be with you,a friend and nearer to the heart we are together.When peace like a river,along the stormy banks, I stand with the people of Japan In this hard times.
May you have a brave heart,God comfort you and wipe away your tears for a better tomorrow.