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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Dwindling Education Systems

   Who lives among shadows? a pessimist does.You should be determined to wave off the flag of plagiarism that devours the efforts of a true academician,recently a German minister was caught napping and accused copying someone else work and claiming to be his own.Use the Internet for good,to gain knowledge for plagiarism.
    Develop the culture of positive thinking and always say I can,try even if you fail you will reach the summit one day.Be competent enough to depend upon you knowledge and read wide to attain to the leaves if not the flowers of success.
    No one was born genius,we learn,we develop and let the spirit of learning be in you.Copying has been a culture among many students,flying papers,writing on thighs,using gesture in the case of choices in exams,discussion in examinations room,bribing the invigilator and supervisors to get copying materials.Notes on mobile phones and clothes,on exams desks-Copy culture
   Examiners should check on this vice that eats upon the once cherished ambitions and now its has turned its ugly head and become a business as our teachers open up coaching classes to tap money and lucrative business that even the government keeps a blind eye.
  The definition of a university has lost meaning,Paranoia of success drives students, students compete with their minds instead of the real challenges that face them,they commit suicide because of failing in exams no one to guide and whisper sense that they have not failed in life.Completion is the order,competence money will provide,jobs money take care of. Profession back doors are open to crore-parties and nepotist, who will be there for the rest? ...why then do employers need experience ..its because what students are supposed to get is just but a tip of the iceberg.If a University is an institution that offers degrees why then colleges that are opened by business minded politicians academicians offer degrees...?
  The flood gates are open those without wish to enter those with minds to swim
  There is a scam larger than the Watergate scandal,bigger than the Golden berg,mightier than that the 2G scam and that's education cycle that is driven by money and not quality.The government has a scheme afoot to ameliorate on this trend that brews doctors and engineers among other academicians that graduate and are incompetent enough to take up challenges in their fields,we breed bogus engineers,financial advisers and doctors because of these,we are faced with financial meltdowns because of the systems that is money driven..who is there to save our dwindling education?
We continue to live in flats that are crumbling having cracks, skyscrapers that instill fear among the metro dwellers,each day is a nightmare.Roads that last for a better part of the day and flashed by raindrops,bridges that pose dangers to the commuters,Intravenous feeding injections that kill out pregnant women,drugs made of chalk,skies that are no longer safe, where pilots are made of bought marksheets pilot certificates are issued backdoor.It is difficult to get admission to an aviation school and easier to be granted a pilot licence.Let us build our careers on a solid rock and learn while you can..from your teachers,from our parents and those who offer wisdom.
Where is the tactical astuteness?Diluted careers strive in educational institutions where name storms is the order of the day,adverts injected into our minds of the self proclaimed universities and institution that claim to offer the best,topnotch They wolves in sheep clothing.A better name of an institution comes from alumni not those who aspire to join.
  Money brews brain drain,a shot in the system,adviser's offer advice for money and prestige not to save the society that breeds them.The right hand parallel to the left.The performance is recognized by the outcome in the fields not in publicity of schools,colleges,universities and educational institutions in the idiot box.Journalism should not allow cut and paste adverts based on money but by the quality under investigative journalism.
We are living in the age adulterated education system.