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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ninja Journalism

Ninja Reporting is a term still new to journalism student who realize not that they are reporters or the street filming with smart phones in the smart world is part of it. The protest in Brazil city of Rio De Janeiro where Olympics will be held in 2016 is buzzing with Ninja Reporters, armed to the teeth, with laptops and smartphone live streams wired to the internet and online community get a view of the event as they happen.
That's a revolution in its wake, the world will be free from government censorship, no gatekeepers and no filtering of information and thus the truth will be unleashed in the eye so those who see events as the happen.
Its an alterntive journalism thats will revolutionize the way reporting will be done, Syria and the Middle East crisis have had a share of Nija reptoing but its loaded later on you tube ..amy the Ninja community rise forth and take journalism to a new path.
Ninja Journalism is here to stay.